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Operation Bounce Back: is your car safe?

Published: 12 November 2014

Operation Bounce Back: is your car safe?

With criminals changing their approach to car theft, this year's Operation Bounce Back campaign in Logan City is targeting car security closer to home.

A joint initiative of Logan City Council and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, Operation Bounce Back will run until January 2015 and includes a competition to win one of 25 car immobilisers.

There will also be a half-day car security awareness workshop tailored specifically for young people on 1 December, delivered through Logan PCYC's Braking the Cycle program.

In 2013, 70 per cent of late model vehicles stolen in Australia were stolen with the keys. Half of that number were taken from home and another 25 per cent from the street outside. These offences are almost always opportunistic with the vehicles often used to commit other crimes, including other burglaries.

As a result, this year's Operation Bounce Back theme is 'Car security begins at home' and focuses on simple steps car owners can take to reduce the risk of car theft via home burglary, such as not keeping keys in sight in kitchens and bedrooms.

Council is encouraging car owners to think more about how they keep their cars safe by inviting locals to suggest innovative and creative tips to prevent car key theft at home. The person who provides the best suggestion will win a $100 eftpos gift card.

Drivers with a pre-2001 car also have the chance to win one of 25 free engine immobilisers by entering this year's car immobiliser competition.

Find out more (and access entry forms).

Operation Bounce Back is being delivered by Council in a collaborative crime prevention partnership with RACQ, the Logan Police District, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, Logan PCYC and the Logan community.

The program aligns with Logan: City of Choice objectives to enhance public safety.