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Partnership approach to addressing Logan's transport issues

Published: 21 March 2016

Partnership approach to addressing Logan's transport issues

Logan City Council and the Queensland Government have committed to co-developing a new Integrated Transport Plan for the City of Logan.

The plan will address all facets of transport in the city, and provide priorities for future planning across public transport, road, rail, bike ways and pedestrian paths.

It will help identify and prioritise needs, which in turn will drive budget deliberations and funding investment by both levels of government. Council and the Queensland Government have agreed to co-fund development of the Integrated Transport Plan, a draft of which is expected in 2017.

The agreement was one of several reached as part of discussions of the Combined City of Choice and Queensland Community Alliance (QCA) Transport Working Group, formed in July last year to address community concerns around transport in the City of Logan. Members met monthly until March 2016, and then dissolved the group until after the 19 March 2016 Local Government Election.

The working group was co-chaired by Jude Munro, Chair of the Logan: City of Choice Leadership Team, and QCA representative Martin Ram. Other members were Councillors Luke Smith and Don Petersen (representing Council), Member for Logan Linus Power MP and the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP (representing the Queensland Government), and QCA members Devett Kennedy, Ray Booker and Kathy De Leon.

Through the group, a joint Queensland Government, Council and QCA statement was developed requesting funding for the M1/Pacific Motorway, and the Queensland Government committed to trialling a demand response transport scheme in key Logan areas.

Working group members also agreed on a series of public transport principles based on accessibility, connectivity, effectiveness, fairness and social inclusion. These principles will guide the City of Choice Leadership Team, Council, the Queensland Government and QCA in ongoing advocacy, planning and decision-making around public transport.

The agreements were announced at a QCA assembly on 10 March 2016.

Working group co-chair, Jude Munro, said the Combined Transport Working Group had delivered on its commitment to seek transport solutions for the City of Logan.

'The agreement to develop an Integrated Transport Plan is an excellent outcome and will play a significant role in how transport across all modes is planned, funded and provided across the city,' Ms Munro said.

Auxiliary membership of the Combined Transport Working Group includes executive officers from Council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Translink, Economic Development Queensland, Office of the Deputy Premier, Clarks Logan City Buses and TransitCare.