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Promoting respectful relationships among young people

Published: 26 August 2015

Promoting respectful relationships among young people
#R4Respect youth ambassadors Tahlia Cohen-Duke, Abak Deng, Bianca Dana Lea Moore, Jennifer Uwineza and Ben Pearce.

A campaign to promote respectful relationships and an anti-violence message to 12-24 year olds has launched in the City of Logan.

What makes this campaign different to most though, is that it will be shaped and delivered by young people who live in the city.

Twelve youth ambassadors were awarded scholarships in August to help create the #R4Respect strategy so that its key messages can reach its intended audience

With support from YFS, the group will look at using social media, online games and other innovative approaches to encourage young people to share the respect and anti-violence message and apply them in their own lives.

Over the coming months, people across the city might notice the #R4Respect tag line as the group shares positive messages about respectful relationships with schools, businesses and community groups.

The group is also looking for support from local businesses to help implement its ideas to reach young people.

Individuals or organisations with offers of support should contact YFS on 3826 1500 or email