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QMF song writing workshops begin in Logan

Published: 15 October 2014

QMF song writing workshops begin in Logan

More than a dozen new original songs were created at the Kingston Butter Factory on 3-5 October when the Queensland Music Festival (QMF) held Song Trails, a free three-day song writing workshop.

It was the next creative step in preparing for the signature event for next year's QMF 2015, the biggest community musical production Logan has ever seen.

Thirty local performers/songwriters worked with specially selected workshop leaders to collaboratively create music for the extravaganza, which will be staged at Logan Brothers next August.

QMF Director Sean Mee led the day, with support from Shenzo (Music Director), David Burton (writer), Morganics (hip hop artist/producer) and Shellie Morris (singer/songwriter).

QMF Artistic Director and jazz legend James Morrison was also on hand on the Saturday, and he described the weekend as a resounding success.

"There was a great feeling among the participants and everyone was getting inspired with the process of creating music and telling their story," Mr Morrison said.

"The workshop was an amazing opportunity for locals to work with Shellie, Morganics and Shenzo and gain the benefit of their knowledge.

"It was also a chance for us to see if we could generate material for the Logan event next year. I can say that, having heard the songs coming out of the workshops, we will have no trouble getting amazing material for the show – this is very exciting and a first!"

QMF will host more workshops in coming months to continue to develop and refine the original music for the show, which will feature up to 500 performers and is expected to attract 10,000 people each night.

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