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Religious leaders meet with Leadership Team

Published: 27 April 2015

Religious leaders meet with Leadership Team

A number of Logan City's religious leaders joined the Logan: City of Choice Leadership Team for an informal discussion and lunch this month, in the first of a series of engagements planned with local community leaders.

The invitation was extended to leaders of the major religions represented in Logan City, including Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist groups.

Nine guests joined the meeting on 10 April, at which the Leadership Team gave an overview of key City of Choice initiatives. Leadership Team Chair Jude Munro then led a discussion about emerging community issues from each guest's perspective.

A recurring theme was the role churches and religious groups had in helping build a stronger sense of community. Many groups were also taking a lead role in providing frontline support for disadvantaged community members as well as invaluable programs such as those to improve parenting skills.

Ms Munro thanked the leaders for attending, and welcomed the opportunity to hear direct from community leaders delivering services and support "on the ground".

"It was an excellent opportunity to connect with this particular sector of our community to understand the challenges they are facing and hear their thoughts on emerging issues," Ms Munro said.

"It was obvious from our discussion that these groups are doing a fantastic job in supporting our community and we hope to explore partnership opportunities as the City of Choice initiative moves into its next phase of ensuring all leadership groups are linked into the major initiatives."