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Seasons greetings from the Leadership Team

Published: 9 December 2014

Seasons greetings from the Leadership Team

A message from Leadership Team Chair, Jude Munro

On behalf of the Leadership Team, I would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous festive season with family and friends over Christmas, Hanaka, and school and university end-of-term breaks. It's been a wonderful year of hard work and achievements through the City of Choice initiative. I would like to thank Logan City Council, Mayor Pam Parker, Deputy Mayor Russell Lutton, Councillors, CEO Chris Rose and staff for their support of the City of Choice Two-Year Action Plan in 2014.

I would also like to thank the many State Government and Federal Government politicians and public servants, not-for-profit agencies and businesses who have given us support to make significant progress on the Action Plan. We in Logan have stared into the face of our challenges. We are now well on the way up the mountain and we climb in great company.

Logan Together: Through the Logan Together initiative, we have adopted a successful US model that coordinates all health, education and community services for children from pre-birth to eight years of age. This collective impact approach will enable us to address a wide range of issues, including our infant mortality rate and the fact Naplan results for Grade 3 children in some of our schools have been some of the poorest results in Queensland. Through Logan Together, we can change the life of every child in Logan.

Logan Renewal Initiative: We have 4,700 social housing dwellings in Logan, most of which are three-bedroom homes, with only one person living in them. They are concentrated in a handful of suburbs, some with more 50 per cent social housing. Our preferred strategy is to see more housing choice in Logan with one and two-bedroom units and villas, as well as detached housing. We believe social housing should be dispersed rather than in concentrated areas because we know this is better for the mental health and wellbeing of social housing tenants and the broader community.

Skills for Industry: We have supported the Logan City Council-led Skills for Industry model. It involves Job Services Australia providers working together as a united group so that businesses and employers seeking work-ready staff can do so more easily. This united approach is regarded as the best of its kind in Australia and is making it easier for local employers to find local entry level staff.

Student loans for Pacifika people: We regard education as crucial, and have supported the amendment of Federal legislation to allow young Pacifika people to access student loans for higher education, which will open up greater education - and ultimately employment - opportunities.

Connecting with decision-makers: We have met with most Federal Ministers, Federal Department Secretaries, State Government Ministers and Directors General to raise their awareness of the City of Choice strategies have them included in their road maps. The State and Federal Government have now joined us in climbing the mountain.

Logan community working together: Members of the broader Logan community and non-government organisations have also been willing to join us. The Logan leadership Team, through Wes Enoch, has met with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and we have spent time meeting with a range of other groups and individuals across our city.

A safer community: We have been joined by an additional 100 police who have led what Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says is a reduction in offences against people and property of 11 per cent in the past year.

We believe that these key strategies will ultimately make a fundamental difference to the City of Logan in the short and long-term. They are truly game changing initiatives.

Looking to next year, I will be inviting key community leaders for lunch with us as a Leadership Team at the conclusion of our monthly meetings to hear about the issues they are facing and their many successes, as well as having a chance to update them on our progress.

A key focus for us in 2015 is to ensure we have backbone organisations and processes in place by the end of the year to take our work forward well into the future.

Warm regards,

Jude Munro AO
Chair of the Logan Leadership Team