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Stronger voice for Logan youth

Published: 22 August 2014

Stronger voice for Logan youth
The ENABLE Schools Coalition Student Council in the Logan City Council Chambers.

Twenty students from nine high schools came together on 30 July to talk about Logan's strengths and challenges, and how the city's youth can have a stronger voice.

The Year 9 and 12 students, part of the ENABLE Schools Coalition Student Council, toured Logan City Council's Administration Centre and learned about the ground-breaking Logan: City of Choice initiative that's helping strengthen our community's future.

The students represented state high schools in Browns Plains, Marsden, Flagstone, Shailer Park, Boonah, Kingston, Loganlea, Windaroo Valley and Woodridge.

In a round-table discussion, City of Choice Youth Portfolio Leader Josephine Aufai spoke passionately about the origins of the initiative, the pride she has in her community and the hope she has for the city in the years ahead. Youth Portfolio Champion, Councillor Steve Swenson, explained his role as an elected member and encouraged the students to speak up and be heard on issues that affect young people in Logan.

The students then shared their thoughts about their city, agreeing that the greatest strengths of Logan's  young people was that they were more accepting of diversity, brought a fresh perspective to issues and were willing to try new approaches to problem-solving.

They agreed their challenges included the need to continue changing external perceptions of Logan as well as dealing with unfair stereotypes, and the frustration of feeling unable to make a difference due to their age. They felt key solutions to making a difference including finding a way to positively use social media to promote Logan, and to know who to speak to when wanting to share ideas about positive change.

Josephine is keen to see membership of the student council extend to other schools in Logan. In the meantime, she hopes to set up an online community where Student Council members can exchange ideas and share feedback from their own school communities.

Strengthening the Student Council is part of the Logan: City of Choice commitment to provide opportunities for young people to connect and inform city-wide policy and youth programs.