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The Australia@2015 survey - join the national conversation

Published: 16 December 2015

The Australia@2015 survey - join the national conversation

Monash University and the Scanlon Foundation are undertaking the Australia@2015 Survey, which will provide an understanding of the outlook of Australian-born and immigrant residents at a crucial time in the nation’s history.

More Queenslanders are needed to join the national conversation!

People from all walks of life are encouraged to participate, to ensure the survey captures a broad range of views and cultural backgrounds. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed here.

The survey is a first in Australian public opinion research. For the first time, an Australian survey will be conducted in English and a broad range of community languages, nineteen in total, with a focus on the languages of recent arrivals.

Australia@2015 is conducted by Monash University researchers and the results will be analysed by Professor Andrew Markus and Associate Professor Dharmalingam Arunachalam. It builds on the knowledge gained through eight years of Scanlon Foundation surveying.

The Scanlon Foundation Social Cohesion Research Program was established to enhance understanding of the impact of immigration on social cohesion in Australia and to pursue the Foundation’s mission to support the creation of a more cohesive Australian society.

The Foundation is using the research findings to initiate on-the-ground action programs designed to address factors which affect social cohesion in areas where the potential for tension is most evident. In some cases these involve significant investments over a number of years in Major Projects.

Australia@2015 will explore:

  • social justice
  • life satisfaction
  • identity
  • the best – and the worst – aspects of Australian life
  • trust in fellow Australians and the institutions of Australian society
  • media access
  • neighbourhood life
  • cultural diversity
  • expectations for the future.

You can access the Australia@2015 survey here.