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Welcome to Logan: a celebration on 25 October

Published: 9 October 2014

Welcome to Logan: a celebration on 25 October

The annual Welcome to Logan celebration will be held in Logan Central on Saturday, 25 October, to officially welcome all new residents, including recently arrived humanitarian migrants.

The event kicks off with the Access Walk Together at 3pm along Wembley Service Road. The walk will be a vibrant celebration of the 215 cultures represented in Logan, with music, giant puppets, traditional dress and colourful flags.

It will be followed by Welcome to Logan celebrations from 4pm to 5pm at the Harmony on Carmody car park, featuring guest speakers, entertainment, and an official welcome by the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal dancers.

Welcome to Logan is all about recognising and embracing the message "If we're all people, we're all equal".

Welcome and Walk Together events will be held across the country in partnership with Welcome to Australia, a national organisation that exists to engage everyday Australians in the task of cultivating a culture of welcome in our nation.

Welcome to Australia believes the annual walk and celebrations provide an opportunity to do that in a relaxed, inclusive way.

Welcome to Australia says:

"The Australia we love is known for its diversity, compassion, generosity and commitment to giving all people a fair go. We'd like to find many different ways that individuals, families, businesses and other organisations can work together to continue to develop these values in our communities, work places, schools and institutions.

"We also believe that there are thousands of Australians who don't care too much for politics and don't know a great deal about immigration policy - but who do know they care about people. We believe that cultural diversity should be celebrated for the beauty and depth it adds to our society and that no matter who you are, where you're from or how you arrived - you're a person who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect."

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