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Neighbours of Logan

Do you want to live in a neighbourhood where kids play together, people put your bins out if you’re away and check in if something suspicious is happening? You can have that, but you might need to take steps to create it.

Neighbourhood sense of community has been linked to many positive benefits including creating sense of belonging, reducing loneliness, providing a physical and mental health boost and even lowering crime rates. With benefits like these, we could all stand to strengthen our neighbourhood ties.

“In our neighbourhood, we all look out for each other when we aren’t home. We help each other when needed and show support. When we first moved in four years ago our neighbours all brought us cooked food for days!” Logan resident

You can make the first move! Check out these tips for building community in your neighbourhood (PDF 272 KB).

Download a free Say Hello! connection card (PDF 246 KB) and pop it in your neighbours’ mailbox.

Neighbour Day 2019

Neighbour Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in March every year, with the aim of fostering strong personal connections that last the whole year round. The annual theme for Neighbour Day 2019 is Loneliness: What neighbours can do.

In 2019, Neighbour Day falls on Sunday 31 March.

There are many ways you can connect with your neighbours this Neighbour Day, from inviting a neighbour for a cup of tea to organising a Neighbour Day event in your backyard or local park.

Visit the Neighbour Day website for more inspiration on ways you can create local connections in your neighbourhood and free resources, including toolkits, invitations, event marker signs, name tags (and more!).

Logan's Biggest Picnic

On the weekend of 30-31 March 2019 we are encouraging everyone to get out and have a picnic with their neighbours in a local park. The first 20 people to register their local Neighbour Day gathering will receive a $50 gift card towards their event!

To be eligible for a gift card, your event will need to be a family-friendly gathering in a Logan park (such as a picnic or barbeque). Register your event to enter. View full terms and conditions (PDF 127 KB).

Organising a neighbourhood picnic does not have to be hard work, especially if everyone brings their own food, drinks and picnic blankets. Here are some useful tips for organising your event:

  • Pick a day, time and location on the last weekend of March that works best for you and your neighbours.
  • Promote your event! You could do a letterbox drop using the invitation template (PDF 400 KB), create an online event to share via your local online social network (if one exists for your local area) or tell your neighbour in person.
  • Notify Council's parks branch of your event to ensure it does not clash with other activities or scheduled maintenance.
  • Turn up and enjoy getting to know your neighbours!

Don't forget to register your picnic for your chance to win a $50 voucher to go towards your event!