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Logan Early Warning

As part of Logan City Council’s ongoing commitment to assist members of the community, to plan, prepare and respond to disasters, Logan City Council has teamed up with the Early Warning Network to provide residents and businesses of the City of Logan with free early warning alerts for potentially severe weather, bushfires and flood notifications.

The 24/7, 365 days per year Logan Early Warning service allows residents and businesses to plan, prepare for and respond to severe weather events before it happens. This service allows the community to become familiar with potential hazards and risks that may affect our city and encourages residents and business owners to take early action to minimise any potential damage that may occur during severe weather.

About the app

The smartphone app is available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store and Android devices through the Google Play Store. Search Logan Early Warning' to download or select one of the images below.

Apple Store Google Play

The Logan Early Warning smartphone app provides additional features to assist residents, these include:

  • Alerts from across Australia based on your GPS location as well as your registered residential address
  • A Help me feature which sends the users location and details to resident defined email addresses and contact numbers
  • Call Emergency 000, SES 132 500, Police 131 444, 24 Hour GP all whilst providing the user GPS coordinates and their estimated address
  • Access to weather radar based on the residents' location
  • Location display
  • The ability to upload images and video

What do I receive?

You will receive alerts for potentially dangerous weather, bushfires and flood notifications within the City of Logan. There may also be a need to provide custom messages from Logan City Council related to disaster and emergency situations.

How do I receive the information?

Residents can receive alerts via push notification (by downloading the app), SMS, email and text-to-voice for landlines.

Optional Logan Flood Notifications

Council now offers the community the opportunity to subscribe to receive flood notifications for a number of locations across the city. The flood notifications provide information on flood levels and allow you to monitor your local conditions, prepare your home and family, and respond accordingly when notifications are received.

Residents and businesses can sign up to receive notifications for any of the following stations:

  • Albert River at Beenleigh
  • Albert River at Tamborine
  • Albert River at Wolffdene
  • Henderson Creek at Cusack Lane
  • Logan River at Logan Village
  • Logan River at Maclean Bridge
  • Logan River at Parklands
  • Logan River at Waterford
  • Logan River at Kilmoylar Road
  • Oxley Creek at Goodna Road
  • Quinzeh Creek at Pineview Road
  • Schmidts Creek at Bayes Road
  • Scrubby Creek at Kurrajong Drive
  • Slacks Creek at Loganlea Road

Flood notification types

Notification Description
Minor flood warning There may be a risk of low-lying areas next to watercourses becoming inundated, local roads may be closed and low-level bridges submerged. Inundation may affect some backyards and buildings below the floor level as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths. In rural areas removal of stock and equipment may be required.
Moderate flood warning It is likely that low-lying areas could become inundated and main traffic routes may be affected. Inundation is likely to affect some backyards and buildings as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths. In rural areas removal of stock and equipment may be required.
Major flood warning It is likely that low-lying areas could become inundated. Properties and towns are likely to be isolated and major rail and traffic routes closed. Evacuation of flood affected areas may be required. Utility services may be impacted.

Council recommends that you do not solely rely on these notifications and use Council's preparedness information and tools to better understand your risk of flooding and isolation.

For more information and to view river height data, including plots and tables for the Logan-Albert River and Oxley Creek, visit the Bureau of Meteorology's website.

Council makes no statements, representations or warranties about the accuracy, correctness, timeliness, completeness or fitness for any purpose or use of information contained on the Bureau of Meteorology's website.

Is there anything else I need to know?

It is important that you update your details regularly. To do this visit the Early Warning Network website.