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Know Your Neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours and your local community is an important part of preparing your household before an emergency situation occurs. Neighbours can help each other out in many ways before, during and after a disaster by:

  • Helping to prepare a household emergency plan and an emergency kit
  • Assisting in preparing your home and yard, such as trimming trees, clearing gutters, etc.
  • Assisting in moving outdoor furniture and securing other loose objects around your property
  • Providing information about what is happening
  • Providing a place to shelter while a disaster is happening
  • Helping in the clean up after a disaster
  • Chatting about what has happened so you can be better prepared next time

It is also important to work together as a community and be aware of those who might need extra assistance or who may be able to help you, for example:

  • Older people living by themselves
  • People with physical or sensory disabilities
  • People with a chronic illness or with a mental illness
  • Single parents with young children
  • Large families
  • People newly arrived, including tourists, refugees or immigrants.

Knowing your neighbours and your local community and working together to share knowledge, prepare for, respond to and recover from a disaster can help you and your family feel safer during a disaster.

For more information and resources relating to disaster preparedness, response and recovery, visit the State Government's Get Ready Queensland website or the Australian Red Cross website.