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Landslides involve the movement of large amounts of either earth, rock, sand or mud, or any combination of these. The rate of movement of a landslide may be exceptionally slow, moving only centimetres a year, or fast, with a sudden and total collapse, moving millions of tonnes of debris.

Landslides are infrequent in Logan, however, they still pose a low risk threat to the community. They can be caused by a major event such as earthquakes, but also more generally in Queensland by soil saturation from rainfall or seepage, or by human activity such as construction or vegetation removal.

Some of the signs for detecting landslides include:

  • trees tilting
  • water seepage
  • breaks in the ground
  • cracks in walls
  • cracks and subsidence in roads and paths

For more information on landslides, visit the Geoscience Australia website.