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Events & Festivals

The Events Funding Program is designed to build relationships with community groups and organisations to provide events for the benefit of Logan residents and visitors to the region, whilst enhancing the city's image.

Each year, Council provides financial and/or in-kind support for a wide range of events, programs and initiatives that celebrate what it means to live in Logan, and that help build a sense of belonging and pride in our city.

In supporting grassroots community events and programs, Council is looking for opportunities that complement the corporate events program and which reflect and celebrate our community’s diversity, energy and creativity.

Important dates for 2018

Agenda closes at 5pm
Sponsorship Advisory Group meeting date
Outcome conveyed to enquirer by
Friday 19 January
Thursday 25 January
Thursday 1 February
Friday 9 February
Thursday 13 February
Tuesday 20 February
Friday 8 March
Thursday 13 March
Tuesday 20 March
Friday 6 April
Thursday 10 April
Tuesday 17 April
Friday 4 May
Thursday 8 May
Tuesday 15 May
Friday 15 June
Thursday 19 June
Tuesday 26 June
Friday 13 July
Thursday 17 July
Tuesday 24 July
Friday 17 August
Thursday 21 August
Tuesday 28 August
Friday 14 September
Thursday 18 September
Tuesday 25 September
Friday 12 October
Thursday 16 October
Tuesday 20 October
Friday 16 November
Thursday 20 November
Tuesday 27 November
Friday 19 January Thursday 18 December
Friday 21 December