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Mayor and Councillors Community Benefit Fund

Each financial year the Council allocates a budget for the Mayor's and Councillors' Community Benefit Fund for the purpose of meeting requests for financial assistance from community organisations and individuals, as decided upon by the Mayor and Divisional Councillors.

The following amounts were allocated for this program under the 2018/2019 Budget and are available from 1 July 2018:

Community benefit funding by division
Division Funding amount
Mayor $150,000
Division 1 $30,000
Division 2 $30,000
Division 3 $30,000
Division 4 $30,000
Division 5 $30,000
Division 6 $30,000
Division 7 $30,000
Division 8 $30,000
Division 9 $30,000
Division 10 $30,000
Division 11 $30,000
Division 12 $30,000

Am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Where funding is requested for a child, the child's parent or guardian should make a request on their behalf.

Where the applicant is an organisation, the request must be made by an office bearer of the organisation.

To be eligible to receive funding, an applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • An applicant must be free of debt with Council (i.e. no outstanding rates, council fines, community venue hire fees etc).
  • An applicant must not be a political organisation.
  • If the applicant is an organisation, it must be a not-for-profit community organisation.
  • Where funding has previously been received by the applicant, the funding must be fully acquitted (i.e. an evaluation form provided along with receipts verifying expenditure).

If you have not acquitted funding previously provided to you or your organisation, please download and complete the CBF Evaluation Form (PDF 160 KB) and return it, along with your receipts, to Council as soon as possible.

In addition, the funding purpose must fall into one of the following "community purpose" categories:

  • Encourages physical activity through participation in sporting, recreational and social pursuits.
  • Fosters an understanding and appreciation of the City's heritage and cultural diversity.
  • Promotes and encourages environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Supports and builds relationships with disadvantaged or vulnerable groups in our community.
  • Provides economic benefits to the City including promoting employment opportunities.
  • Encourages and promotes educational opportunities and initiatives.
  • Supports our City vision of "Innovative, Dynamic, City of the Future".

What types of requests generally receive support?

You can view the list of 2017/2018 recipients (PDF 344 KB) examples of funding requests that were approved last financial year.

You may also view requests that have been supported this financial year (PDF 258 KB).

How do I apply?

Please submit your request in writing to your local Councillor. You must provide your name, address, funding purpose, amount requested and any other supporting information.

How will I know if my funding request was successful?

If the relevant Councillor(s) has made a decision to support your funding request, you will receive notification that your request has been supported subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. Your request will then be forwarded to the Corporate Governance branch to process. Provided your funding request form has been completed in full and you meet all of the eligibility criteria (as detailed above), you should expect to receive the funds within two to three weeks from the date of your notification.

If you are required to provide further information, or it is determined that you do not meet all of the eligibility criteria, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to comply. You will also be advised at this time of any delays this may cause.

If your request is unsuccessful, you will receive notification that your request has not been supported.

Need further information?

For further information please refer to the "Mayor's and Councillors' Community Benefit Fund" and the "Grants to Community Organisations" policies or contact your local Councillor.