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Finding a Used Syringe

If you find a used syringe:

  • Do not attempt to recap the syringe
  • Find a rigid-walled, puncture-resistant, sealable container
  • Find and put on latex/rubber gloves if possible
  • Bring the container to the needle/syringe
  • Place the container on the ground beside the needle/syringe
  • Do not hold the container upright in your hands as you are disposing of the needle/syringe
  • Pick up the needle/syringe by the middle of the barrel
  • Keep the sharp end of the needle/syringe facing away from you at all times
  • Place the needle/syringe in the container sharp end first
  • Securely place lid on the container, holding the container at the top
  • Remove gloves (if appropriate) and wash hands with running water and soap
  • Place the sealed container into the rubbish bin, or preferably into a Community Sharps Container Disposal Bin
  • Other items that have come into contact with blood should be disposed of in the same container as the used needle/syringe or placed into double plastic bags and then into rubbish or placed into a Community Sharps Container Disposal Bin
  • Advise children to inform an adult if they find unsafely disposed of needles/syringes.
Source: LGAQ and Queensland Health.

Alternatively if you require advice or assistance regarding inappropriately discarded sharps in Logan you can contact Council on 07 3412 3412.

You may also call the Needle Helpline on 1800 633 353 (1800 NEEDLE).