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Logan Safety Camera Program

The Logan Safety Camera Program is designed to enhance community safety and involves 24/7 real-time monitoring, recording and reporting services by trained and qualified operators from a dedicated, secure monitoring room.

The cameras are high quality, full colour, 360 degree, pan tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras, which can achieve up to 200m zoom at full DVD quality and have specialised system equipment and technology.

There are strict policies, standing orders and operating procedures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and the privacy of the community at all times. View the Logan Safety Camera Program Privacy Collection Notice (PDF 14 KB).

Since its inception in 2001, the Logan Safety Camera Program has significantly impacted on Council's capacity to provide a proactive and reactive response to crime, safety and antisocial behaviour. Council works in close partnership with the Queensland Police Service - Logan District, including the provision of a 'live' and dedicated link from the Logan Safety Camera Program monitoring room to certain police stations across the City of Logan.

In 2005, Logan was the first Council in Queensland to formally partner with Queensland Rail in the provision of monitoring services for Queensland Rail owned and operated security cameras at railway stations in Logan City. Council currently has a monitoring agreement with Queensland Rail for over 120 security cameras at Logan City railway stations. This partnership assists in enhancing safety of railway commuters and will be expanded to all railway stations within Logan.

The Logan Safety Camera Program has formally received numerous awards and commendations for outstanding community safety achievements, innovation, technology and partnerships and has successfully secured millions of dollars in funding contributions from state and federal government agencies. The program will continue to be developed and expanded to new areas across the city and implemented in tandem with crime prevention and community safety strategies, which address all aspects of crime, causes of crime and fear of crime.

View the Logan Safety Camera Program fact sheet (PDF 1079 KB) to find out more.

Logan Safety Camera Program camera locations

Are there safety cameras in your neighbourhood? Keep up to date on the locations and workings of the Logan Safety Camera Program by viewing the Logan Safety Camera Program safety camera location list (PDF 185 KB).

Logan safety Camera Community Education Program

The Logan Safety Camera Program boasts a state of the art monitoring facility that operates 24/7 to enhance the safety of residents and visitors of the City of Logan.

To increase knowledge and understanding of this program, Council has designed a Logan Safety Camera Community Education Program. This program allows community and school groups to tour the monitoring facility and learn more about the history of the Logan Safety Camera Program, how it operates and some success stories from the program.

For more information on participating in the Logan Safety Camera Community Education Program please contact Council’s Community Safety Program on 3412 3412.


Enquiries about recorded incidents should be made to the Queensland Police Service in the first instance.

Following contact with the Queensland Police Service, enquiries regarding recorded incidents from the Logan Safety Camera Program can be made by contacting Council's Integrity & Information Program on (07) 3412 3412.

Enquiries relating to the operation of the safety cameras can be directed to Council's Community Safety Program on (07) 3412 3412.

Report an incident

For life threatening emergencies call 000.

To report a non-life-threatening incident call Police Link on 131 444 (remember to advise the Police that the incident/complaint occurred within a Logan City Council Safety Camera zone).