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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Council designs public and private areas for safety by adopting Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

Six key principles can be applied to any built environment or facility such as households, parks, toilet blocks, public areas, shopping centres and car parks. View the CPTED fact sheet (PDF 5502 KB) to find out more.

Council released its new Logan Planning Scheme in 2015, which now includes a policy on CPTED (PDF 105 KB). This policy provides developers with performance outcomes that must be complied with and guidelines to ensure development is safe and adheres to CPTED principles. Our Development Assessment branch implements this CPTED policy as part of its role of facilitating responsible and sustainable development within the city.

Council has also developed an easy-to-follow Home Audit Checklist (PDF 2809 KB) based on the CPTED principles, empowering residents to be able to conduct their own home safety audit and idenfity opportunities to potentially improve their home security through minor changes.

Further information

For further information, contact Council's Community Services Branch:
P: (07) 3412 5563