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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbour Watch

Logan City Council, in collaboration with the Queensland Police Service, has a long-standing partnership with Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the City of Logan, recognising the many social and safety benefits that stem from an active local Neighbourhood Watch.

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch Queensland is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that has helped to create safer and more cohesive neighbourhoods since 1988. Members are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year in 2018.

Benefits of an active Neighbourhood Watch Group

  • Increased community cohesion strengthening relationships between neighbours.
  • Encourages local residents, families and businesses to work together to reduce crime and improve community safety through joint crime prevention initiatives.
  • Members are local residents who have a vested interest in the safety of the local area and are committed to helping promote a healthy and safe environment for all people.
  • Provides a direct contact point between local Police and the community with the capacity to problem solve at the local level.

Further information

For residents

If you would like more information about your local Neighbourhood Watch Group, please contact or visit the Neighbourhood Watch Queensland website

For Logan City NHW members

If your Logan City NHW group is interested in applying for grant funding of up to $500 to assist with delivering a community safety focused event or activity between now and 1 June 2019, please contact the Community Safety Program for an application form.

Telephone: 3412 4617