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SafeRoads4Logan is a partnership between Logan City Council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Health and RACQ.

The aim of the partnership is to deal with road safety in a proactive manner by adopting a safe system framework encompassing safe roads or roadsides, safe vehicles and safe road users. It provides the framework for officers to develop and promote road safety initiatives, collaboratively. The strategy and action plan developed in partnership aims to reduce serious and fatal crashes in Logan by promoting existing, and developing new road safety initiatives that encourage motorists to take care driving on our roads.

Ultimately the SafeRoads4Logan vision is about 'Creating a city where everyone can travel in safety, respect the rights of others and behave responsibly'.

A Strategy for Road Safety (PDF 3887 KB) in the City of Logan has recently been produced.

Portable Speed Advisory Signs

Portable Speed Advisory SignsPortable Speed Advisory Signs (PSAS) are highly visible, solar powered radar speed display signs. They detect the speed of approaching vehicles and display a message according to the vehicle speed. Motorists travelling at or below the speed limit will see a 'smiley face' while those travelling over the speed limit will be given a 'slow down' message. The readings are not used for issuing infringement notices and there is no camera to photograph vehicles.

These signs are being implemented at selected locations as part of a council-wide road safety initiative to reduce speeding and encourage speed limit compliance on local roads. They are successfully used by other neighbouring councils, with all reporting notable reductions in the travel speed of drivers who found out they were over the limit by receiving a 'slow down' message.

If speeding is an issue in your street and you would like to suggest a new location for a portable speed advisory sign, please contact Council.

Note: speeding enforcement is an issue for Queensland Police. Any complaints of reckless driving behaviour can be reported directly via the 13HOON Hotline (134 666), online, Policelink (131 444 or Policelink App) with relevant details such as particular times the activity is most prominent.


Under new Queensland laws, motorists must now adhere to a minimum passing distance. Council's RU1m campaign is aimed at both cyclists and motorists, and seeks to raise awareness of the new laws and increase road user safety through education.

Patrick Pace Car

Patrick Pace Car

Hi, my name is Patrick Pace Car and I am Logan City Council's one-of-a-kind car helping drivers stick to the 40 km/h speed limit in school zones. I have been part of Council's SafeRoads4Logan initiative since 2011 and spend my time pacing up and down at Logan schools to keep everyone safe. But remember, safety around schools is everyone's responsibility. Download the Patrick Pace Car activity sheet 'Stop, Drop and Go' (PDF 400 KB).

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