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Department of Transport & Main Roads

Department of Transport and Main Roads

All information relating to driving in Queensland is available on the Transport and Main Roads Website. This includes:

  • Getting a licence and learning to drive
  • Renewing or replacing a licence
  • Driving in Queensland with an interstate or foreign licence
  • Demerit points
  • 18+ Cards

Visit the Transport and Main Roads website for more information.

Paradise Road Roundabout

A $5m upgrade of the Paradise Road roundabout was recently completed by the State Government and many locals have contacted Council with questions on how to use the roundabout safely. A series of diagrams depicting the best path of travel are included below as reference. To read the response from Transport and Main Roads see below. 

Transport and Main Roads response

Paradise Rd travel paths

Driving with Medical Conditions

Laws came into effect on 1 March 2006 (commonly known as 'Jet's Law') which introduced a mandatory requirement for driver licence holders to report any long-term or permanent medical condition that may affect their ability to drive safely.

You can no longer wait until it is time to renew your licence to report a long-term or permanent medical condition that adversely affects your ability to drive safely. As soon as the conditions develops, or as soon as there is an adverse change to an existing condition, you need to take steps to inform the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Please click here for more information.


MATES stands for, Motorcycle, Awareness, Training, Education and Safety.

Motorcycle transport has grown substantialy over the past 10 years as many people look to reduce their transportation costs. MATES are a community group dedicated to promoting safe motorcycle riding. This site also has contacts for further training, riding tips, road conditions and great riding routes. Please click MATES for more information.