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Driver Education Initiatives

BRAKE - Driver Awareness Program

The BRAKE Driver Awareness Program was founded in 2006 by Rob Duncan to teach teenagers about driver education and road safety.

A Sergeant in the Queensland Police Service based at Jimboomba, Rob, like many of his fellow police officers, was sick and tired of being called to fatal road crashes involving teenage drivers and having to knock on doors of distraught parents to tell them their child had just died in a car crash.

He was convinced the problem lay with inadequate driver education and that there had to be a better way to train young drivers. So after hundreds of hours of research about the problem, he founded BRAKE Driver Awareness Program.

For more information please visit the BRAKE website

Road Safety Education - RYDA

Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) provides the award winning RYDA Road Safety Program to young people to help ensure when they commence driving or riding with new drivers, they have the best road safety education possible.

RSE is a no-for-profit company that has developed a road safety education program specifically designed for young people in our community. the evidence based RYDA Program is facilitated in partnership with Rotary Australia and presented by professionals.

The RYDA Program was developed in response to the tragic loss of young people in road crashes - young people aged 17-25 represent less than 15% of the population yet account for around one quarter of deaths and injuries on our roads. The program is a community safety initiative to deliver practical road safety information targeting the "attitude and awareness" of young drivers and passengers. The RYDA Program is presented to students with the theme "My Life My Choices".

The Ryda Program is for senior high school students (16-18 years old) and assembles in a coordeinated presentation, community road safety experts to deliver sophisticated, intergrated and powerful road safety education to young people at the beginning of their driving lives.

The program is made possible through the support from community and corporate partners in particular, BOC, Toyota Australia, Kmart Tyre & Auto Services and Suncorp CTP Insurance.

For more information please visit the RYDA Program website.


Hypo-drive is a national education awareness program aimed at diabetic drivers, alerting them to the dangers of driving while suffering from a hypoglycaemic or hyperglycaemic episode. While this program is aimed at diabetic drivers, it is also useful for anyone who suffers from a medical condition, along with family and friends.

What does Hypo-drive offer?

  •  Educational seminars for business groups, social groups, support groups, schools, individuals, government and awareness expo's / seminars etc.
  • Hypo-drive mentor drive program offers free driving lessons for new and old drivers by specialised instructors specifically trained by medical staff and Transport Department instructors.
  • Hypo Kits to be carried in their vehicles at all times are given out free of charge to diabetics who attend a talk / seminar. Hypo Kits are also available for purchase through your local Lions Club and various other locations. Please contact Hypo-Drive to find your nearest location.
  • Posters and brochures for distribution at medical facilities, doctor's offices, chemists, hospitals and schools.

For more information please visit the HYPO-DRIVE website, or contact PDG Lesley Lyon on 0419 796 022 or, PO Box 78, Browns Plains, Qld, 4118.