Animal care – COVID-19

It's business as usual at the Animal Management centre however we encourage residents to use Council’s online services to pay your pets’ registration or call 3412 3412 to pay over the phone.

Impounded animals are displayed on Council’s website.

If your pet has gone missing, please check the website before emailing or calling 3412 5397 to advise us.

If your pet has been impounded, we will contact you as soon as possible if we can identify your pet by their registration tag or microchip.

If your pet is not wearing its registration tag on its collar or does not have a microchip, please keep checking the impounded animals web page to identify them.

You will need to contact us if you see them listed.

We encourage all visitors to continue to social distancing and practice good hygiene when attending the Animal Management Centre. Masks are voluntary.

Visitors will also be required to register contact details when entering or exiting the facility.