Animal Care

The Animal Management Centre on Queens Rd, Kingston, is open and operating normal hours with social distancing guidelines in place.

Logan City Council is now more than ever asking owners to be responsible and ensure their pets cannot stray or create a nuisance.

Please check your registration and microchip details are up-to-date. Council identifies animals by their registration tag, microchip and name tag.

Pet owners are asked to use Council’s online or phone payment services to apply for or renew pet registration.

Where possible, stray animals who can be identified and have no history will be returned to their owner instead of being impounded.

All impounded animals are displayed on our website, please see Impounded animals.

We ask pet owners to work with family, friends and neighbours wherever possible should they need help caring for their pets.

Anyone looking for a new companion can contact the Animal Management Centre on 3412 5397 to make an appointment to meet one of our sale animals.

The fostering of animals is not currently available.

Residents are now able to borrow cat traps from the Animal Management Centre. 

Lenders must be able to collect and return cats traps.  Please contact Council on 3412 3412 for further information or to request a trap.

Volunteering at the Animal Management Centre is not currently available.

We are able to accept donations (blankets, towels etc.)

For the latest dog park information, please see Parks.

You can still walk your dog along local streets but they must be on a leash and don’t forget to pick up after your dog.