Water and sewage – COVID-19

Logan Water’s commitment to the delivery of safe and reliable water and wastewater (sewerage) services to our community remains a priority.

Drinking water

Logan's drinking water remains safe to drink and there is no need to purchase bottled water.

Existing water treatment and disinfection processes, including the use of chlorine, are effective in protecting water supplies. For all the facts around water visit the Water Services Association of Australia website.

Meter Reading

The reading of meters ensures leaks and issues that may cause large water bills or property damage can be identified. 

The meter readers are contractors and therefore are not able to provide customer-specific information related to the city’s water services. 

If a customer has any queries, they will be advised to visit Council’s website or to call Council’s Customer Service team on
3412 3412.

Don’t Rush to Flush

Logan Water is urging all residents to be mindful of what they put down their toilets and drains. 

Items such as paper towels, tissues and wet wipes don’t break down easily and could cause blockages in sewerage pipes and cause significant impacts to the City’s wastewater network and treatment plants. 

For information on what you can and can't put into your toilet or drains, please see Don't Rush to Flush.