Flood support, recovery and important information

For community support available in Logan including financial assistance, donations, volunteering and local services, see Flood community support.

Flood Awareness Information

To find more information about our recent Flood Studies Review Program, please see Flood. To view interactive mapping of flood risk, mapping from accepted flood studies, and a property report, please visit our Logan Flood Portal.

Community Recovery Hotline 

For support services and grant advice over the telephone, please contact the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349. 

Financial assistance

If you have been seriously affected by the South East Queensland floods starting in February 2022, you may be eligible for government assistance, please see our Flood community support. page. 

Resilient Home Fund – Help for homeowners impacted by floods

Register of interest now open and is the first important step in helping flood-affected Queenslanders make their homes more resilient following the 2021-22 disaster season.

Funding is available to support a range of options including retrofitting, house-raising or the voluntary buy-back of homes at high risk from future floods.

This initiative is aimed at helping as many flood-affected Queenslanders as possible, with priority given to the most vulnerable and at-risk properties’ owners.

What is funding available for? 

Rebuilding more resilient homes 

Grants will be available to assist eligible homeowners to repair or retrofit their homes to incorporate flood resilient design and materials in liveable rooms or areas. This could include replacement of floor coverings with a water-resistant finish such as tiles or polished concrete and moving power outlets to above recognised flood levels.

Raising homes 

Grants will be available to eligible homeowners to raise homes to reduce the impacts of future flood events by lifting living areas and rooms above the defined flood level. This initiative may also include moving the home on the same parcel of land (for example, moving it to higher ground). 

Buying back homes 

In high-risk situations where repairing, retrofitting or raising are not considered suitable options, a voluntary buy-back of the residence will be considered.

Voluntary home buy-backs will be on a case-by-case basis and will consider a range of factors including the frequency of flooding, severity of flooding, structural safety of the property, future flood risk and broader social impacts.

Funding will be provided to the relevant local government to purchase the house and land under this initiative. The land would then be re-zoned into non-liveable uses, like open space and green corridors, and remain in the ownership of the local government.

Who can apply?

Queensland homeowners whose property was inundated as a result of any of the three major floods in 2021-22 including the South East Queensland floods; the ex-Tropical Cyclone Seth floods of January 2022; and the Central, Southern and Western Queensland flooding in late 2021. 

How do I register? 

To register your interest Resilient homes.

More information 

For enquiries about the Resilient Homes Fund: 

For information about community support services near you visit Regional community support services.

This assistance is made available through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements

Business support

Please contact the staff at Logan Office of Economic Development if your businesses has been affected by the current weather event, and you require assistance and help finding support resources. Phone 07 3412 4888 or email loed@logan.qld.gov.au

Logan Office of Economic Development has a resource page where you can find out current support resources available for businesses and individuals. This will be updated as information comes to hand. Please visit LOED Disaster Resources.