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Voluntary Conservation Covenant

Voluntary Conservation CovenantA Voluntary Conservation Covenant (VCC) is a legally binding partnership between Council and a landowner. This agreement is registered against the title of a property. Council works together with landowners who enter into VCCs to set goals for the enhancement, protection and management of biodiversity on private properties across the City of Logan as part of its Conservation Incentives Program (CIP).

The benefits you receive by entering into a Voluntary Conservation Covenant include:

  • eligibility to apply for annual grants to fund conservation projects;
  • an Environmental Charge exemption (appears on your rates notice);
  • free incentives package every year (such as plants, nest-boxes, herbicide etc.);
  • land management advice that is specific to your needs;
  • regular newsletters and free technical advice;
  • networking opportunities (such as free workshops, open days and annual member celebration events); and
  • recognition for your land management and conservation effort.

Who can enter into a Voluntary Conservation Covenant?

  • individuals, groups and organisations whose property contains native bushland of significant biodiversity value;
  • individuals, groups and organisations whose property compliment neighbouring properties of significant biodiversity value;
  • landowners willing to integrate nature conservation with their existing land uses; and
  • properties must contain a minimum of one hectare of native bushland.

For further information or to apply for a Voluntary Conservation Covenant, simply complete the Enquiry form, and a Council Officer will contact you with further details.