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Environmental Levy

Logan City Council’s Environmental Levy funds are generated and managed in accordance with Council’s adopted Environmental Levy policy and supports the delivery of Council’s corporate environmental priorities and services:

Priority: Green and Renewable (GR)

We use responsible urban planning in the City of Logan to protect rural living, our natural environment and green spaces. Our hectares of parkland are surrounded by waterbodies and waterways that meander through the city. We enable investment and delivery of renewable technologies and prepare our city transition to a carbon conscious community. We value our environment, safeguarding our biodiversity, local wildlife, threatened species and green corridors.

Priority outcomes:

  • A carbon neutral and green city
  • Our waterways and waterbodies are healthy
  • We employ sustainable waste management and recycling practices

The Environmental Levy Annual Report 2018/2019 can be accessed below. For further information please contact Council's Health, Environment and Waste Branch on 07 3412 3412 or via email.