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Logan Eco Awards

The Logan Eco Awards recognise those in the community that are taking steps to help Logan become a more environmentally sustainable city.

2019 Logan Eco Awards

Nominations for the 2019 Logan Eco Awards are open Monday 25 February 2019 to Friday 29 March 2019.

Winners of the Logan Eco Awards are publicly recognised and thanked for their efforts at LEAF. Details of the eco-actions undertaken by the winners and by those of previous years are provided below.

Previous Logan Eco Awards Winners

2017 Logan Eco Award Winners
CategoryWinnerEco Actions
Eco Champions AwardKim Downs and Liz Hall-Downs
  • Undertaken weed control and revegetation while allowing much of their nine acres to naturally self-manage.
  • Upcycled materials and appliances in their house wherever possible including the bathtub, washing machine, wood stove, glass, tiles, bricks, slate, flooring and insulation.
  • Had a composting toilet, solar hot water system, fruit orchard, worm farm, compost bins, and a vegetable garden.
  • Participated in Land for Wildlife for sixteen years.
Junior Eco Champion AwardSavannah Christopher
  • On extra hot days she placed dishes of water in the backyard for animals to drink.
  • In the car she was always on the lookout for injured or orphaned wildlife.
  • She didn't ask for toys for Christmas but instead for donations to local wildlife carers.
  • Her bedroom didn't even have a toy box but it did have a cardboard box and towel ready just in case she found an injured animal that needed care.
Eco Business AwardBushcare Services
  • Planted approximately 100,000 plants per year across South East Queensland.
  • Implemented an Environmental Management System that was certified under ISO14001 (international quality accreditation).
  • Recycled plastic pots and corflute tree guards.
Eco Organisation AwardLogan River Branch of Native Plants Queensland
  • Had 30 members that met monthly to share advice, discuss cultivation, and propagate native plant species.
  • Grew native plants at their nursery which they gave away or sold to the community at events including LEAF.
  • Authored the widely used book on native vegetation "Mangroves to Mountains".
2015 Logan Eco Award Winners
CategoryWinnerEco Actions
Sustainable Household AwardThe McVicker Household Since winning this category in 2014 the McVickers have achieved two impressive milestones:
  • Net Zero Energy: By increasing the size of their solar PV system they were able to feed more electricity into the grid than they purchased from it.
  • Net Zero Water: Already independent from the water and waste-water grids, they further improved rainwater harvesting and water efficiency so that they were able to collect more water than they used in the house.
Community Eco Action AwardRoxanne Ives
Sustainable School AwardGriffith University
  • As part of the Slacks Creek Restoration Project over 7,000 trees were planted on-site allowing several environmental education activities to be undertaken.
  • Developed a landscaping strategy for the campus.
  • The free "Grows at Griffith" smart-phone App helped users to identify native South East Queensland plant species.
Sustainable Business Award (Winner 1)IKEA
  • IKEA's massive 789 kW solar PV system was by far the largest PV system in Logan.
  • Provided customer recycling bins for light bulbs, cork, and batteries.
  • Circulated rainwater through chilled beams reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • Had sustainable purchasing policies that included environmental audits of suppliers.
Sustainable Business Award(Winner 2)Substation 33
  • Have collected and dismantled 300,000 kilograms of electronic waste since January 2013.
  • By sorting waste materials into 40 different categories for recycling, they were able to ensure that less than 10% was sent to landfill.
  • Had ISO14001 certification (for environmental management).
Sustainable Food Business AwardTeys Beenleigh
  • Commissioned a $12M waste-water treatment system that is expected to save over 33,000 tonnes of CO2e annually, and produce biogas enabling a reduction in their consumption of natural gas by 75,000 gigajoules a year.
  • Installed energy saver lights, timers, and daylight sensors.
  • Participated in ecoBiz.