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Logan Eco Forum

The aim of the forum is to share ideas about how we create a community that is invested and interested in the natural environment of our city. Participants will connect and collaborate with Logan City Council to better understand current environmental initiatives and contribute to the development of future projects.

Logan Eco Forum 2019

The 2019 Logan Eco Forum will be held on Saturday 7th September from 10am to 3:30pm at the Beenleigh Events Centre.
Registration for this free event is essential. To secure your ticket please click here
The Logan Eco Forum is a formal event, all attendees must be over the age of 13 years.

The purpose of the day is to explore how we connect with natural habitats in the City of Logan and how we can encourage behaviour that respects, cares and protects our natural environment.

To help Council deliver outcomes that benefit the community and our local natural environment attendees will participate in workshops by sharing their ideas, experience and knowledge on how we as a community can lead the way in environmental stewardship. Workshops will be based on natural habitats in the City of Logan.

Sharing their inspiring stories to help motivate attendees, we are excited to welcome the following presenters:

Tanya Pritchard
A conservation scientist with over 25 years’ experience working alongside government, communities and industry groups to deliver conservation outcomes for protected areas, threatened species and ecosystems.

Tom Allen
Founder and CEO of Impact Boom, a leading social enterprise accelerator company helping people unleash their greatest potential to create a better world.

Tony Sharp
A local mover and shaker creating positive change to society and the environment, Tony is the founder of Substation 33, an electronic waste recycling centre that diverts e-waste into landfill through up-cycling and provides training and employment opportunities.

Logan Eco Forum 2017

The Logan Eco Forum was held on Friday 27th October 2017 at the Beenleigh Events Centre with the theme 'Connect to Nature'.

The purpose of the day was to explore the many ways we can connect to nature, how this benefits us as individuals and as a community, and to showcase Council's environmental initiatives in this area.

There were approximately 100 attendees who participated in the engagement sessions throughout the day which included an open panel discussion session to allow collaboration and feedback.

Outcomes from the engagement activities held during the day included the following key messages:

  • the community support working across boundaries and at a whole of catchment level to deliver the best possible future;
  • engaging the community especially young people through nature pursuits, environmental restoration and/or outdoor schools is essential;
  • conservation actions should include river revegetation, litter management, wildlife friendly initiatives, pest management and supporting resident stewardship, and;
  • balancing development with environmental outcomes needs to be a focus and include community education, green space connectivity, transportation/walkability solutions, social media marketing, promotion of recreational green spaces and developing community pride.

In an online poll, over 90% of respondents indicated that the Eco Forum met their expectations and that they would attend a future Eco Forum if available.

In the follow-up survey, respondents reflected on some of their personal Eco Forum highlights:

  • "connecting with people who are passionate about many features of our environment";
  • "great presenters and lots of positive and good information to take away - how we can all get involved and do our bit";
  • "very well organised with informative and entertaining presenters"; and
  • "the inspirational stories and positive conversations about getting back to nature and preserving it for the future".
    • Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the day. The key outcomes of the forum will assist in informing Logan City Council's future environmental projects and activities.