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Rabbits are banned as pets in Queensland whilst wild rabbits are declared pests.

Rabbits destroy the environment - the cost to Australia's economy exceeds $600 million per annum. The rabbit is Australia's most destructive introduced pest and in Queensland is the most common illegally kept pet.

It is an offence to keep a rabbit of any variety as a pet. The current maximum penalty is $44,000.

Follow the link for more information on rabbit control and management (PDF 350 KB).

Difference between rabbits and hares

A hare is larger, has longer and black tipped ears, and is less social than a rabbit. Rabbits typically hold their tail up when hopping away so a white tail 'flash’ is commonly seen. In contrast, hares tend to hold their tail down when moving so the white tail is not obvious.

Hares live completely aboveground, lacking the normal burrow or warren system of rabbits. Therefore, there is none of the environmental damage associated with the erosion or undermining of foundations caused by rabbits.

Hares generally have smaller litters and not as often and they do not spread as rapidly as rabbits and are not found in such high densities.

Hares are an introduced species but not a declared pest animal.