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Rats have caused much damage to Australia's native environment since being introduced with European settlement.

Residents in Logan City are required to control rodents in their properties. A home owner can take reasonable steps to stop rats and mice entering their place. Reasonable "vermin proofing" steps could be:

  • sealing or covering any holes;
  • fitting a cover, grate or plug to a disused pipe;
  • removing a disused pipe or drain.

A home owner or occupier also has an obligation to ensure that rats or mice do not live or breed on their property. This can be done by not having anything that would attract or provide shelter to vermin, such as a pile of boxes or disused items in your yard.

To prevent or reduce rodents breeding or entering your property, several simple steps should be taken:

  1. Remove all sources of food - Cover bins, do not leave pet food out overnight, store human or pet food in sealed containers with lids, clean up seed from caged birds, do not feed wild birds, remove yellow seeds from palm trees and macadamia nuts from the ground.
  2. Remove or prevent access to breeding sites - Block up holes in walls where rats can enter, clean yards, sheds, under houses and attic spaces.
  3. Trap and/or use bait to eliminate remaining rats - When used correctly rodent bait, snap traps and cage traps are all effective in the control of rats. Rat bait left in the ceiling is a strongly recommended preventative measure. Free rat bait for residents is provided at Council's Customer Service Centres.

If you are keeping rats or mice as pets they must be kept in an enclosure from which they can not escape.

For more information refer to our Rodent Control for households in Logan City (PDF 1379 KB) or contact Council.