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Australian Government Funded Lighting Upgrade Project

After receiving funding from the Australian Government, Council retrofitted latest technology lighting systems at a number of sites across Logan City.  Department of Industry

Upgrades have occurred at:

  1. The Beenleigh Events Centre and Beenleigh Library, and at
  2. Thirteen parks and streets across the City.

The new lighting systems are:

  • Reducing Council's energy consumption and electricity costs,
  • Reducing Council's carbon footprint,
  • Highlighting the benefits of the latest technology energy efficient lighting, and
  • Improving the amenity and usability of the sites.

A short film on the lighting systems is available to be viewed on Council's youtube page.

1. The Beenleigh Library and Events Centre

The upgrades at this facility provide a case study in retrofitting latest technology energy efficient lighting systems into an existing 20 year old public building. The new lighting systems incorporate highly efficient new fluorescent lamps and LED technologies in combination with movement and light sensors.

T5 Fluorescents

The Library was previously predominantly lit by recessed double 36 watt T8 fluorescent tube fittings. These have been replaced with single recessed 28 watt T5 fluorescent tube fittings. A total of 231 of these recessed fittings have been installed.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

The Events Centre was fitted throughout with old recessed 50 watt halogen down lights. These types of lamps are common in many buildings and homes. While halogen down lights are architecturally attractive, very cheap to install and dimmable, they are very inefficient with much of the energy they use wasted as heat. All of the halogen fittings in the Events Centre were replaced with 14 watt dimmable LEDs. These new fittings use about 70% less electricity.

Above the stage in the Events Centre were sixteen 150 watt PAR38 halogen lamps (also known as flood lights). These were replaced with dimmable 27 watt LEDs resulting in an amazing 82% drop in electricity consumption.

Movement and Light Sensors

In addition to increasing the efficiency of the light fittings, movement and light sensors have been installed. These automatically turn off the lights when they are not required, such as when there is nobody using a room or when there is sufficient natural light.


It is estimated that 68,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year will be saved by the new lights, representing a 14% reduction in total electricity consumption for the site. An estimated $12,000 will be saved in power costs and 59 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. These amazing savings will be achieved while maintaining Australian Standard compliant lighting levels.

2. Public Lighting

The existing public lighting at 13 sites across the City was upgraded to the latest in energy efficient technologies: LEDs or CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). A total of 217 lamps have been installed. The sites are:

The previous technology lamps include High Pressure Sodium lamps, Mercury Vapour lamps, and Metal Halide lamps. The specific replacement LEDs and CFLs were chosen because they meet the relevant lighting requirements for each site and significantly reduce electricity consumption.


On average the new public lights use 59% less electricity than the previous lamps, saving on electricity costs. Additionally LEDs have an exceptionally long life span, resulting in further maintenance cost savings. It is estimated that the lamps will save Council $16,440 per year in costs. The lamps will also save about 61 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

These 217 lamps represent the majority of the public lighting fittings owned and operated directly by Council in Logan City. There are another 27,000 street lights across the City but these are owned and operated by Energex rather than Council. Council is charged for electricity and for maintenance undertaken by Energex for these lamps.

Council will monitor the new LED and CFL lamps over the coming years. If they prove to be superior to the old fittings, Council will lobby Energex to initiate a program to convert all of the Logan City public lighting to these energy efficient technologies.

Further Information and Advice for Residents and Businesses

Improving energy efficiency is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. Further information and advice on improving energy efficiency can be found at the following websites:


  • Your Energy Savings: Information on saving energy, saving money and available government assistance.
  • Your Home: Advice on purchasing, managing, and renovating a home so it is as liveable, efficient, and sustainable as possible.
  • Becoming a Sustainable Household: Further locally specific advice on improving household environmental sustainability.
  • Logan Eco Action Festival: Logan's annual community environmental event held in May/June.


  • EcoBiz: A free program that helps business operators to reduce energy, water, and waste costs
  • City Switch: A free program that helps the managers of office buildings to reduce energy costs.

Australian Government Disclaimer: "The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein."