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Regional Waste Alliance Expression of Interest


In mid-2018, the following Councils joined together to form a sub-regional alliance to request expressions of interest for the provision of future waste disposal and resource recovery services:

  • Logan City Council
  • Ipswich City Council
  • Redland City Council
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • Somerset Regional Council

What are we trying to achieve?

Over the last decade the nature of waste management in Australia has changed whereby there is movement towards a ‘resource recovery’ approach which values waste as a resource. Councils continually look for opportunities to manage waste in a manner that achieves the best balance of environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Councils are also seeking to align their waste management targets with the Queensland Government by moving towards a zero-waste society and enabling a circular economy.

By exploring combined regional waste management services, Councils may be in a position to consider waste management solutions that may not otherwise be available to Councils individually.

How are we doing it?

The sub-regional alliance undertook an expression of interest process led by Logan City Council. The call for expressions of interest was advertised as follows:

  • LG Tender Box (Saturday 25/5)
  • The Courier Mail (Saturday 25/5)
  • The Australian (Saturday 25/5)
  • The Albert News (Thursday 30/5); and
  • Jimboomba Times (Wednesday 29/5)
  • QLD Times (Saturday 25/5)
  • Redland City Bulletin (Wednesday 29/5)
  • The Gatton Star (Wednesday 29/5)
  • The Somerset (Wednesday 29/5)
  • Kilcoy Sentinel (Thursday 30/5)
  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia member email (Monday 27/5)

The expression of interest process is about determining the best services for the sub-regional alliance, a smaller group of participating Councils or individual Councils. There are no preconceived ideas on what the services, or combination of services (if any) will look like or where they may be located.

Anticipated timeline

The first stage in the process was to seek expressions of interest from the market. This opened on 25 May 2019 and closed on 20 August 2019. Details are available on the LG tender box website.

The sub-regional alliance is currently assessing submissions and each Council is expected to make a decision about the next steps in the process in mid-2020.

To protect the fairness of the process, Councils are not able to provide any further information during the evaluation period, nor receive or consider other proposals offering similar services to those sought in the expression of interest.

Media releases

Links to previous media release can be found here:

SEQ councils explore new waste management options
Expressions of Interest open for combined resource recovery

Approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

On 20 June 2019, the ACCC granted authorisation to collectively tender for waste processing services. The services will be limited to the processing or disposal of resources and/or waste. They will not include waste collection services or the operation of existing waste transfer stations and tip shops.

For more information visit the ACCC website.

Queensland Government Waste Strategy

For information on the Queensland Government’s waste strategy and energy from waste discussion paper visit their website.