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Waste Education

Logan is one of the fastest growing cities in Queensland with a population that is expected to increase by up to 200,000 people within the next 20 years. This sort of population increase, coupled with people’s attitude towards consumption and disposal, presents serious challenges to the current and future sustainability of waste management in Logan City.

At present, far too many of our valuable, usable resources are ending up in landfill. The environmental, social and economic issues associated with disposal of materials to landfill are phenomenal, and yet, the solutions are simple.

Many people don’t realise the benefits of utilising their waste and find it much easier to dispose of their rubbish into one bin and forget about it. Unfortunately that waste does not simply disappear but merely loses its value as a usable resource.

As yet, there is no perfect solution for the sustainable disposal of all waste types.  However, by becoming more aware of the impact waste generation has on the environment and  becoming more informed about the most sustainable options for the disposal of different types of waste, we can all help to avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle to minimise the amount of waste currently being sent to landfill.