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Wheelie Bins & Collection

Logan City Council provides waste and recycling bins to its residents and ratepayers, and commercial premises (upon ratepayer request). For information on our services, see below.

Waste and recycling collections commence in your street from 6am on service day, and may run as late as 6pm. If you present your bins on the footpath, please have them out ready to go by 6am.

Your bins will still be emptied if your collection day falls on a public holiday (Easter, Christmas Day etc).

Please use the collection schedule or call (07) 3412 3412 if you need to know your service day.

Download the City of Logan app onto your device, and sign up to receive Bin Night Reminder notifications. Please note, you will not be able to locate your address on the app if you're not currently registered for a bin service. See our new bin service section below for how to organise one.

New bin service

If you've just moved into an already established property, and there are no bins on site, or your bins are damaged, please call Council on (07) 3412 3412 to have the bins repaired or replaced. See damaged, missing or stolen bins below for more information.

To order waste and recycling bins for your newly built house or dual occupancy property, you can:

New bins are usually delivered by our contractor within 1-3 working days after we place an order with them.

Who can order domestic bins?

  • Owners
  • Tenants
  • Real estate agents

Ordering their bins is usually the first contact most people have with Logan City Council, so it's a good time to remember to update your rates mailing address if you own and will be living at the property. Update online or call (07) 3412 3412.

To order bins for commercial properties, see below.

Collection calendar and service guide

Download our collection calendar and service guide. This will help you remember which week to put your recycling bin out for collection, and contains a useful guide on how to present your bins to ensure they're collected.

The calendar also comes in a handy fridge magnet version. Please call our customer service centre on (07) 3412 3412 to request one, which we'll mail to you. The calendars are popular, so they might not always be available.

We've created an A-Z list of waste and resource recovery. If you're not sure which bin something goes in, or how else you can dispose of, recycle or reuse it, take a look (PDF 467 KB).

Wheelie bin storage and presentation location

Storage on your premises

  • Where possible, bins should be stored so that they are screened from view, at ground level close to front, side or rear alignment of the dwelling or within a garage or shed on the property.
  • On rural and semi-rural properties, bins may be stored at the front property alignment.
  • In other situations bins shall be stored in a manner to minimise any potential nuisances for neighbours, or as specifically directed in writing by Council.

Presentation for collection

  • Check it is the correct day of service.
  • Present the bins for emptying by 6.00am on the collection day (you can present your bins the night before your collection day, but not more than 24 hours before collection)
  • Place the bins on the footpath no more than one metre from the kerb (or edge of road where there is no kerb), handle towards the house, being mindful of the need for the truck to access the bin.
  • Do not place the bin under low-hanging trees or overhead wires or near parked cars.
  • Ensure that the bin lids are fully closed.
  • Bins should not be presented in a manner that obstructs traffic on a road.
  • The bins should be removed from the footpath within 24 hours of collection day.

Damaged, missing or stolen bins

Please phone (07) 3412 3412 or email to have your bin repaired or replaced.

Damaged bins

Your damaged bin will have to be placed on the footpath for the contractor but you can still put rubbish or recyclables in it. It will either be repaired or removed (contents and all) 1-3 business days after you contact us. There is no charge for the repair or replacement of the bin.

Council's contractual arrangements do not permit replacement of dirty, smelly or graffitied bins. Only bins with damage significant enough to prevent servicing (like a large crack) will be replaced. There are companies who can professionally clean a wheelie bin for a small fee, or you may be able to clean the bin satisfactorily yourself (by using a high pressure washer, or bleach etc). Search the internet for suggestions.

Missing or stolen bins

If your bin has gone missing, your replacement bin will be left on the footpath 1-2 business days after you contact us. There is no charge for the replacement bin.

Missed bins

If your bin was not emptied, please phone (07) 3412 3412 to report the situation. Alternatively, you can email but please note this will take longer to action compared to a phone request.

As the contractor has until 5 pm each day to complete collections, please wait until the day after collection before reporting a missed service. The truck may simply be running late.

If the bin was missed by the contractor, a truck will be sent back to empty it at no charge.

If, however, the bin was missed because of an act or omission on your part, a truck can only return after payment of a fee to Council. The cost is $24.80 per bin. These acts or omissions may include:

  • your bin was not on the footpath by 6am on service day
  • your bin was overfilled (the lid must be down flat so the contents doesn't spill)
  • your bin was overweight (the truck can only lift 70 kilograms); or
  • your bin contained prohibited items.

The contractor's fleet of trucks are fitted with GPS and cameras, which the drivers use to record any issues they identify while servicing bins. This information is stored on an online portal which Council staff have accces to, and may be used to assist in identifying any issues when you report a missed bin.

Rubbish placed on or next to the bin will not be collected.

Additional domestic wheelie bins

Before requesting additional wheelie bins we suggest you read about reducing, reusing and recycling.

If one waste and one recycling bin are insufficient for your needs, you can order additional waste and/or recycling bins using either of the forms below.

Please note: these forms should not be used to order bins for dual occupancy properties (like annexed units, auxiliary units or duplexes). Please apply for a new bin service.

Property owners and ratepayers

Please note that this application must be completed by the property owner (ratepayer) as it will result in extra rate charges. Refer to the PDF application form for costs.

Residents who rent

This form can be completed by tenants, who pay a yearly fee up front. The bin will be issued after full payment is received and the application is processed.

Cancelling an additional bin service

If you no longer require your additional bin, please contact Council to cancel the service and have the bin removed. Phone (07) 3412 3412 or send an email to

Please note: if you pay for your additional bin directly as a tenant, we regret that we cannot refund the unused portion of your 12 months' service fee.

Green waste bins

At this point in time, Logan City Council does not offer a dedicated green (garden) waste bin service.

You can put a small amount of green waste (cut and bagged) in your general waste bin. We also provide free disposal of green waste to Logan residents and ratepayers (conditions apply). See our fees brochure (PDF 3308 KB) for more information.

Changing the size of your wheelie bin

You can choose between 240-litre and 140-litre bins.

Please note that this form must be completed by the property owner (ratepayer), as it may result in changes to rate charges.

Supported bin service

Residents who are unable to physically move their bins to and from the kerbside, due to disability or impairment, can apply for a supported bin service.

A supported service is a pre-arranged bin collection service from within your property. The application for this service will only be considered if the following conditions are met:

  • The dwelling is located within sixty metres (60m) of the nearest service point.
  • There is no other person who resides at the premises who is able to place the bins on the footpath for collection each week.
  • Bins will be stored in a location easily accessed by the driver.
  • All roaming animals will be kept inside the house at the time of service.
  • Written support from a medical professional is provided.

Council's waste collection contractor will enter your property and proceed to the agreed location where the bins are kept. The bins will then be wheeled out to the truck for emptying, and returned to the same location.

Please note on recycling day, the drivers of the waste and recycling trucks may work together. Whichever driver arrives first will wheel both bins to the footpath, and whichever driver arrives second, will wheel both bins back. This may result in your bins being left out on the footpath for a few hours, but they will be returned by the end of the day.

No extra charges apply to ratepayers or residents to use this service.

To apply, return a completed Application for Supported Bin Service form, ensuring that section 4 is completed by a medical professional.

Free additional medical assistance bin

An additional medical assistance wheelie bin may be provided at no cost in the case of a resident who, directly as a result of a medical condition, generates significantly greater quantities of general and/or recyclable waste than usual (an example is a home dialysis patient, who will have large quantities of plastic waste, cardboard and containers to deal with because of the home dialysis process).

To apply, return a completed form, with accompanying written advice from a medical professional.

Commercial and body corporate properties

Commercial properties

Ratepayers of commercial properties may use the form below to apply for waste and/or recycling wheelie bins. This form must be completed by the ratepayer as it will result in extra rate charges. Please refer to the PDF application form for costs.

Bulk bin options are available to some commercial properties (depending on storage space and truck access). This form must be completed by the ratepayer as it will result in extra rate charges. Please refer to the PDF application form for costs.

If you require further information like bin dimensions, send an email to requesting them.

Tenants of commercial properties are not able to apply for bins directly through Council, as garbage charges are applied to the rates. Tenants can approach the owner or manager of their property. Alternatively, private arrangements can be made with any waste or recycling removal company for direct billing options.

Body corporate

Body corporate managers of residential unit complexes may order additional wheelie or bulk bins to supplement existing services for its residents, or for use in common areas (such as the pool). Please note that this form must be completed by body corporate managers as it will result in extra charges.

Casual special event bins

You can hire bins through Council for your upcoming community event. Fees apply.

Please submit an application to Council at least a week prior to the event, to provide us ample time to order your bins. Your application may not be processed if our contractor is unable to deliver the bins due to late submission.

Rubbish collection schedule