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Water Saving Tips at Work

When considering the amount of time spent at work, it makes sense that water practices should extend to the workplace. Follow these tips to reduce the amount of water you use in the workplace:

In the bathrooms

  • Check for water leaks in fittings and also use a water meter where possible
  • Report leaking taps, toilets and showers immediately
  • Install water-efficient devices where possible

In the kitchen

  • Scrape plates clean instead of rinsing
  • Make sure the dishwasher is full each time
  • Check for water leaks in fittings, but also use the water meter where possible
  • Report leaking taps immediately
  • Request installation of water-efficient devices where possible


  • Check any irrigation equipment regularly for leaks
  • Ensure garden watering occurs only as necessary and gardens are suitably mulched to reduce water loss to evaporation
  • Ensure cleaners only use water to wash down outdoor areas where necessary. Sweeping or leaf blowing may be sufficient
  • Ensure that the fire-hose reel is used only for fire-fighting and related fire-fighting training and testing of equipment. Penalties apply for inappropriate use