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Standpipes & Approved Potable Water Filling Locations

A metered standpipe is a portable device for measuring the amount of water used from Logan City Council's reticulation system.

Applying for a metered standpipe

Domestic and general water carriers require a metered standpipe to draw water from Logan City Council's water reticulation system. This must be hired through Logan City Council.

Please follow the link below to lodge an online application for a metered standpipe, and follow all the instructions to ensure your application (and supporting documentation) are lodged correctly.

You have the option to become a registered user of Council's online services in order to lodge an approval. There is a link to 'register' available on the sign-in screen or see Registered Users.


After your application has been lodged and assessed, you will be provided with a reference number and an invoice (by email) to pay the required bond via Council's online payments portal. A bond of $1,900.00 is required to be paid before you can be issued with a metered standpipe. Subject to credit checks and approvals, additional fees or bond payments may be required. Any additional fees required must also be paid before you can be issued with a metered hydrant standpipe.

Terms and conditions apply to the hiring of a Logan City Council metered standpipe, which are contained in the approval for supply of potable water through a metered standpipe application (PDF 200 KB).

Logan City Council will assess your application and contact you to advise you of the outcome.

Important - new standpipe customers

Prior to applying for a metered standpipe, new customers must print and complete the Trading Terms and Conditions Form (PDF 78 KB). Once completed, the form should be scanned and saved somewhere you can easily access it, as you will be required to attach it to your online application. Apply now.

New customers please ensure the Trading Terms and Conditions form above has been completed before proceeding.

Pay using your reference number on your invoice.

How else can I lodge an application?

An approval application and terms and conditions can be downloaded here approval for supply of potable water through a metered standpipe application with terms and conditions (PDF 326 KB).

After reading the terms and conditions for approval, complete the application form which is to be signed, dated and returned by email to or fax your completed application to (07) 3412 3444.

Enquiries relating to the hire of metered standpipes, issuing, reading and points of connection into the reticulation system should be directed to Logan City Council.

Bulk water metered standpipe users

Domestic water carriers - Potable water carriers for the delivery of water to residential properties outside of Logan City Council's infrastructure must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and act within the terms and conditions of the approval. Water carriers are required to hold a current health inspection certificate and backflow certificate for their vessel before they can obtain a metered standpipe.

Water carriers in general - Potable water carriers for other uses apart from domestic use must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and act within the terms and conditions of the approval. Water carriers are required to hold a current backflow certificate for their vessel. If the water carrier is using a double check valve on the metered standpipe, the general water carrier must have a current certificate for the double check valve being used. All backflow devices and double check valves must be tested every 12 months and a certificate of currency provided to Council.

Issue, return or exchange of a metered standpipe

It is important that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of the approval for the use of a metered standpipe.

Issue of a metered standpipe

Upon approval of your application, Logan City Council will arrange for the issue of a metered standpipe. A security deposit is required for hire and an application form and approval must be completed and signed by both the applicant and an authorised officer of Logan City Council. See 'Applying for a metered standpipe' above.

Contact Logan City Council on 3412 3412 for more information.

Metered standpipe exchange

For a replacement to be issued, contact Logan City Council on 3412 3412.

Metered standpipe return

To arrange an appointment to return a metered standpipe, contact Logan City Council on 3412 3412.

Lost, stolen or damaged metered standpipe

The customer will be fully responsible for the metered standpipe. If it is lost or stolen, this must be reported to the Police and a crime report number must be emailed to and attention to the Water Compliance team.

Bond monies are forfeited and retained by Logan City Council for a period of three months from the date that the metered standpipe was lost, stolen or misplaced.

Damaged metered standpipes must be reported to Logan City Council on 3412 3412.

Metered standpipe readings and issuing of account

Users of metered standpipes are required to provide readings on request as per the 'Approval for supply of potable water through a metered standpipe'.

All metered hydrant standpipe customers are required to provide Logan City Council their readings on the 25th of each month and on 17 December.

Readings must be entered into the Standpipe Meter Reading Log Book held by customers. The customer is required to sign to acknowledge that the date and reading are correct, and should retain the original copy.

Non-presentation of the metered standpipe at Council's request could result in the metered standpipe approval being withdrawn.

If there is doubt concerning the accuracy of a reading or Council suspects the meter may be faulty, Council will arrange for testing of the metered standpipe or will replace it with one that is in good working condition; and the account records will be adjusted accordingly.

All metered hydrant standpipe customers will be issued with a monthly account. Failure by standpipe users to provide a reading for a metered standpipe in accordance with Part 2 of the 'Approval for supply of potable water through a metered standpipe' will incur a $57.00 charge, in addition to the water account balance.

For more information

Approved potable water filling locations

Logan City Council has made available to customers thirty-three hydrant fill points accessible via metered hydrant standpipes.

You can view all locations of authorised hydrant filling points in this map.

The table below lists the locations of authorised hydrant filling points. To view a map of the location of the filling point you wish to use click on the relevant location/address listed. A red dot identifying the approximate location of the filling point will appear in the map.

Hydrant fill points - customers with Logan City Council issued standpipes

01YarrabilbaCorner of Shaw Street and Wongawallan Drive (PDF 2622 KB)
02Park Ridge3812-3818 Mount Lindesay Highway (in front of the SES depot) (PDF 1849 KB)
03Jimboomba1-23 Cerina Circuit (at edge of Cerina Park opposite 4-6 Cerina Circuit) (PDF 1928 KB)
04Jimboomba21-29 Millstream Road (opposite Kurrajong Road) (PDF 1905 KB)
05Logan Village2-30 Logan Street (opposite 5-9 Logan Street) (PDF 1712 KB)
06Jimboomba133-141 Carrum Road (at the intersection with Stockleigh Road) (PDF 1756 KB)
07Greenbank117-123 Pub Lane (adjacent to the water pump station site) (PDF 2473 KB) - only to be used between the hours of 6am to 10pm
08North Maclean172-180 Teviot Road (at the corner of Greenbank Road) (PDF 2006 KB)
09JimboombaCorner of Mount Lindesay Highway and Tamborine Street (adjacent to Shell Service Station at 2-4 Tamborine Street) (PDF 1774 KB)
10Logan Village647-669 Camp Cable Road (at corner of Travis Road and opposite 2-22 Travis Road) (PDF 1954 KB)
11Beenleigh78 Wuraga Road (in front of Wuraga Reservoir) (PDF 1617 KB)
12WaterfordLarry Street Park - 2A Albert Street (adjacent to Fitzy's Waterford hotel) (PDF 1448 KB)
13Daisy Hill3488-3502 Pacific Highway (PDF 814 KB)
14FlagstoneTeviot Road near Glynton Road (turn into Glynton Road, then into Teviot Road) (PDF 2991 KB) - Follow signage
15Logan VillageBetween Lot 8 & 9 Industrial Avenue (PDF 696 KB) - Only to be used between the hours of 5:30pm and 5am
16Cornubia237-287 California Creek Road (opposite 258-264 California Creek Road) (PDF 1700 KB)
17Berrinba50-56 Kellar Street (located on Wayne Gross Drive, approximately 50m north off the corner of Kellar Street) (PDF 2653 KB)
18Hillcrest2-14 Elliot Court (at corner of 46-52 Johnson Road) (PDF 1606 KB)
19South Maclean5161-5249 Mount Lindesay Highway (on the service road, 180m south from Hinds Road) (PDF 2875 KB)
20Waterford188-240 Dairy Creek Road (just east from the Jarvis Road T-intersection) (PDF 1785 KB)
21Underwood17-19 Perrin Drive (PDF 1405 KB)
22Loganholme28-46 Burchill Street (between Emma Place and RIverland Drive) (PDF 1693 KB)
23Woodhill2-16 Bedelia Drive, Woodhill (on Mahoney Road, approximately 80m east off the corner of Bedelia Drive) (PDF 2519 KB)
24Berrinba3-7 Siltstone Place (PDF 2443 KB)
25Eagleby204 Riverhills Road (PDF 972 KB)
26Logan ReserveOpposite 20 School Road (Cnr 484 Chambers Flat Road) (PDF 888 KB)
27HolmviewTeys Road (200m north of Pepper Tree Drive - near pump station (PDF 1111 KB)
28YarrabilbaMcKinnon Drive (see signed location)
29FlagstoneTo be advised
30JimboombaCusack Lane (approx. 600m from St Jude Circuit before the bridge, entrance approx. 190m before the bridge) (PDF 712 KB)
31BeenleighZander Street (close to railway bridge) (PDF 2115 KB)
32Bannockburn17 Bannockburn Road (see signage on site) (PDF 277 KB)
33YarrabilbaMcKenny Boulevard (end of Yarrabilba Drive, left into Expedition Drive, left into McKenny Boulevard just past Neumann Drive - see Authorised Hydrant Fill Point sign (PDF 1282 KB) on site)

Authorised hydrant fill point signage

Authorised hydrant fill points

  1. Authorised hydrant fill points listed above and within the approval for supply of water from a metered standpipe are available for approved water carriers only. Signage is available on-site.
  2. The hydrant has two lugs facing opposite directions.
  3. Users should lift the lid and clean any dirt or matter from around the lugs and mushroom hydrant outlet.
  4. The hydrant outlet is now ready for the standpipe to be attached to the reticulated water system for use.

Attaching a metered standpipe to Logan's reticulation system

  1. Before fastening the standpipe to the hydrant, wind the spindle up (anti-clockwise) as far as you can. Check that the base nut sealing washer is fitted, and screw the base nut lugs right down (clockwise). You are now ready to attach the standpipe to the hydrant.
  2. Place the standpipe base nut and lugs down onto the hydrant. Engage the standpipe lugs under the hydrant lugs, then, holding the standpipe by both handles, turn the standpipe (clockwise) until firmly fastened. Do not over tighten, and under no circumstances use any extension pipes on the standpipe handles or other tools to engage or disengage the standpipe on or off the hydrant.
  3. If required, attach equipment to the standpipe before turning it on, and then turn the spindle (clockwise) until water starts to flow. Do not wind the spindle all the way down as this could result in the standpipe not shutting down properly (about 30mm down provides maximum flow).
  4. When finished, turn the spindle (anti-clockwise) until the water flow ceases, and if any devices are fastened to the standpipe outlet, release the pressure first before disengaging the standpipe. This is the reverse procedure to paragraph 1 above.
  5. Turn the entire standpipe (anti-clockwise) until lugs become loose and the standpipe can be lifted out.
  6. Make sure to replace the hydrant lid on the box before leaving.
Metered standpipeDigital readingHydrant point
Metered standpipeDigital readingHydrant point