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Trade Waste

Trade waste is water-borne waste from business, trade or manufacturing premises which is discharged to the wastewater system. Council provides a wastewater system primarily for the transport and treatment of domestic sewage. Trade waste may have significantly increased pollutants compared to domestic sewage which can harm people, the environment and the wastewater system.

Trade waste management

Council manages the discharge of trade waste in order to:

  • protect and preserve the health and safety of personnel and the public
  • protect the environment
  • protect wastewater infrastructure
  • protect wastewater treatment processes
  • facilitate re-use of treated effluent and biosolids.

Trade waste approval

Council is required to issue a Trade Waste Approval to property owners for any connections to the wastewater system where trade waste is discharged. Property owners and trade waste generators must comply with all applicable conditions, standards and requirements detailed in the following documents.

Trade waste charges

Council applies trade waste charges to recover costs associated with the management of the service, together with the transport and treatment of the discharge. Information in relation to applicable charges is provided in the following documents.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions regarding trade waste.