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Water Filling Stations

To ensure that customers have continued access to potable water, Council has installed water filling stations. The water filling stations contain a 25mm hose tap outlet and at 50mm camlock outlet.

The water filling stations will be operated by credit card and debit card (Visa and Mastercard only) including pre-paid credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). Prepaid credit cards are available from Australia Post outlets and major supermarkets will also be accepted.

Locations of water filling stations

The table below lists the locations where the water filling stations have been installed. To view a map of the location of the filling point you wish to use, click on the relevant location/address listed. A blue dot identifying the approximate location of the filling station will appear in the map.

Cornubia237-287 California Creek Road, Cornubia (14m East of Gavin Way) (PDF 2106 KB)
Greenbank117-123 Pub Lane (adjacent to the water pump station site) (PDF 2468 KB)
GreenbankCorner of Middle Road and Sheppards Drive (adjacent to IGA at 2-8 Sheppards Drive) (PDF 2780 KB)
JimboombaCorner of Mount Lindesay Highway and Tamborine Street (adjacent to Shell Service Station at 2-4 Tamborine Street) (PDF 2761 KB)
Logan VillageCorner of Travis Road and Camp Cable Road (at corner of Travis Road and opposite 2-22 Travis Road) (PDF 3030 KB)
Park RidgeOpposite 176-186 Koplick Road, Chambers Flat (PDF 3243 KB)

Water filling station instructions

Travis Road water filling stationIt is important that you follow the instructions provided on the water filling stations.

  • Every time a card uses payWave or chip insert at a water filling station, a pre-authorisation will occur and funds will be held for approximately seven (7) working days, depending on your bank. Pre-authorisation will take approximately 30 seconds. The display screen will ask you to confirm your purchase amount by pressing 'Enter'. This will enable water to be dispensed.

For further instructions/information please view the following:

Water price

The 2019/2020 price for water from the water filling stations is $6.93 per kilolitre (1 kilolitre = 1000 litres) or part thereof.

Customer interface

  • Maximum single transaction value at the water filling station is $75.00.
  • Minimum purchase value is $1.00.
  • The water filling station will time out after no pulses for 3 minutes.
  • Increments for up and down buttons is $1.00.
  • Instructions for use are printed on the customer interface.

Frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions and answers provide information regarding the water filling stations:

How does the transaction process work?

  • As an example, if you select $50 with the up and down buttons, this amount will be pre-authorised and reserved against your credit limit by your bank.
  • Water will be dispensed up to the pre-selected amount (e.g. $50) or until you press the 'Finish' button or turn off the tap after which the transaction times out.
  • The actual amount of water that you are dispensed will be charged to your credit card immediately.
  • Where the amount of water dispensed is less than the pre-selected amount, the difference will continue to be reserved against your credit limit by your bank until the bank releases it. It may take up to 7 business days for the amount to be released.

Is Council holding my funds from my credit card?

No, all pre-authorised amounts are reserved against your credit limit by your bank. Council is not pre-authorising the pre-selected amount, your bank is.

My card is not working?

Do not continually payWave or chip insert your card. Things to consider:

  • Have you followed the instructions on how to use this machine?
  • Do you have enough funds on your card to cover the purchase amount?

Every time you payWave or chip insert your card, your bank is looking to authorise the amount of your requested purchase against your credit limit.

Whether or not you take water, your bank will still hold your funds for up to 7 business days.

Once your bank has determined that you did not take/purchase the water, they will then release the funds back into your account.

What are the water filling station instructions?

The water filling station instructions are attached to the station. The instructions are as follows:

  • Ensure that valves / taps are turned off.
  • If you are using the 50mm outlet, connect your filling hose at both ends.
  • Select $ value by using the 'Up' (+) / 'Down' (-) buttons.
  • Press 'Enter'.
  • Present your card and wait for funds to be authorised.
  • View the screen. It will ask you to confirm your $ amount.
  • To confirm press 'Enter' (very important).
  • Turn on valves/taps to dispense water.
  • The water will stop dispensing once it reaches the pre-authorised value. Alternatively you can press the 'Finish' button at any time. You will only be charged for the water taken (minimum charge $1.00).
  • Ensure that valves / taps are off.

What outlets are available on the water filling stations?

Two outlets are provided on the water filling stations:

  • a 25mm hose outlet
  • a 50mm camlock outlet

Note: Backflow requirements have been catered for within the filling stations.

Who can use the water filling stations?

The water filling stations are provided for both residential customers and commercial water carriers. There is no preferential use for either customer. Use of the water filling stations is on a "first come first served" basis.

Are there limitations on the amount of water that commercial water carriers may take from the filling stations?

Commercial water carriers are welcome to use the water filling stations, however the maximum transaction will be limited to $75. Commercial water carriers are encouraged to apply for an 'Approval for supply of potable water through a metered standpipe'. This approval will provide access to authorised hydrant fill points with increased volume supply. To find out how to obtain a metered hydrant standpipe, please visit Council's Standpipes webpage or contact Council on 3412 3412 to talk with a customer service representative.

How much will water cost at the water filling stations?

The charge for water from a water filling station is $6.93 per kilolitre. The charge is based per kilolitre (1 kilolitre = 1,000 litres) or part thereof.

Are credit cards accepted?

Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards will be accepted at the water filling stations including pre paid Visa and MasterCard. American Express and Diners Club cards will not be accepted.

Will a receipt be issued for my water purchase?

No receipt for purchase will be issued by the water filling stations, however you can use your bank statements as proof of purchase for tax and other reasons. If you require a receipt for your purchase please email Council at quoting the following information:

  • the date, time and location of your purchase
  • the amount of your purchase
  • the last 4 digits of the credit card used to make your purchase
  • the name and address details to appear on the receipt.

A receipt will then be generated and emailed or posted back to you.