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Water Saving Tips at School

Schools use large volumes of water each day and often, much of this precious resource can be used more efficiently. Making an effort to save water is easy and there are lots of things that can be done to reduce water usage at school.


  • That almost half the water used at school is from toilets
  • Just one dripping tap can waste 16,000 litres of quality drinking water per year
  • Dual flush toilets can save up to 8 litres of water per flush
  • Taps fitted with aerators can reduce the amount of water used by 50%


  • Use the half flush button when possible rather than the full flush, which uses twice as much water
  • Report running toilets, dripping taps or bubblers to the teacher/groundsman/principal so they can get them fixed as soon as possible
  • Clean paint brushes in an empty container rather than running water
  • Organise signs to promote water efficiency - speak to a teacher about whether producing signs to remind people to conserve water and place them in key locations (such as above the bubblers or near taps)
  • Organise a water saving committee - help educate others about water efficiency and organise events to raise money for water saving devices at school
  • Teachers can gain access to the lesson plans by visiting our webpage via the following link: School Watersaver Education Program