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School Water Education Resources

Water Education Characters

Logan City Council encourages students to work towards a sustainable water future. Our Australian Curriculum aligned lesson plans highlight the value of water on a global and local scale, and addresses the following five aspects of water and water usage:

  • Water as a valuable resource
  • Sources of water
  • Using water wisely (urban demand management)
  • Alternative water sources - recycled water and desalination
  • Sustainability

The lesson plans and activity sheets are designed for primary schools, from Foundation level through to year 7.

Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets

The links below will take you to individually tailored lesson plans and activity sheets for the year level of your class. Once you have selected the year link you will be able to select from the list of tailored lesson plans. The lesson plans will then provide you direction on the corresponding activity sheets.

We hope you enjoy these educational fun activities, and we welcome your feedback and encourage you to share photos or stories from your experience with the School Water Education Program by emailing  

Educational water websites

Free printables

The printables below have been made available for you to make your own children's crowns.  Once printed and cut out you will need to affix them to your own cardboard headbands.

Educational Books

The Waterwise Whizzy Incredible Journey book and Whizzy's New Journey book are useful and engaging resources for teachers and water educators to facilitate children's understanding of water and its importance in the environment. It will help to teach the following key messages: 

  • Water is precious
  • Water is continually reused
  • We all need to use water wisely
  • Before water can be used at home, it is treated so that it is safe to use
  • Wastewater that goes down the pipes needs to be treated so that it can safely be released into the environment
  • It is harmful to put certain things into the water system through the toilet or the drain
  • We are all responsible for making sure only appropriate things go down the drains, sinks and toilets