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Aged Water Meter Replacement Program

Why is my water meter getting replaced?

Logan City Council undertakes a water meter replacement works program every year, to replace the ageing water meters in Logan. Since your water meter has been in service for more than ten years or has a reading approaching (or over) 3400kL, it has been added to the program to be replaced.

I received a card in the letter box saying my water meter will be replaced during the next two (2) weeks.  Is this correct?

Yes, Contractors working on behalf of Logan City Council leave a card in your letter box to advise you that your water meter will to be replaced some time during the next two weeks.

Why are you replacing my water meter if my neighbour's meter is not being replaced and the houses are the same age? 

Water meters are replaced based on the time they've been in service or the total volume of water recorded on the meter dial. Your neighbour's meter may have been installed at a later date than your meter was installed (this could be as little as a day after, depending on the installation date) and therefore is not as old; or your meter may have already reached a water consumption of 3400kL whereas your neighbour's meter may not have.  Alternatively, your neighbour may have experienced a meter maintenance issue that resulted in the meter being replaced some time since its original installation date.

How long will I be out of water for?

If the existing pipework is in average condition, the water is generally disconnected for less than 15 minutes. If the pipework is in very poor condition, the water may be off for a little longer.  However, the Contractor will discuss with you how long the work should take to complete.

How will I know when my water meter has been changed? 

When the work has been completed a notification card will be placed in your letter box or in a prominent place. You may also see some evidence that digging around your meter box has occurred.

I saw the Plumber run the tap water after he replaced the water meter.  How much water consumption will that add to my account? 

None. When your new water meter is installed, the reading indicated by the black digits of the meter are rounded off to the next whole kilolitre (kL) to obtain the first reading to be recorded on your account.  For example, if the meter is displaying 99999kL, then 00000kL is recorded.  If the reading 00000kL is displayed, then 00001kl is recorded. This allows the Plumber to flush the house water service clean without affecting your consumption charges, and you may even receive several hundreds of litres of water at no charge. Generally the tap water is run for less than a minute until all the water in the house water service has been flushed out.

How will I know that the water meter reading is correct after the water meter has been changed?

The Contractor will place a notification card in your letter box before your water meter is changed. You can take a reading before the meter is replaced to confirm for yourself the reading to date.  After the meter is replaced, the Contractor will leave another card indicating the reading at the time of replacement (only the black digits are recorded [kilolitres]).  If you don't have the opportunity to read the water meter before replacement occurs then it is recommended that you compare the reading on the notification card with your most recent water consumption reading recorded on your rate notice.