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Water & Wastewater Account

A list of frequently asked questions regarding your water and wastewater account.

What is the price of water for 2018/19?

In Logan the price per kilolitre is $3.9374. For further details please refer to fees and charges.

Can I receive a pensioner subsidy from the State Government?

If you are a qualified pensioner concession card holder, you may be entitled to a State Government pensioner subsidy.

What am I actually paying for?

When you pay for water related charges, you pay for:

  • Water consumption - the water you have used, as measured by your water meter.
  • Water service charge - for ongoing connection or the ability to connect to the water distribution system.
  • Wastewater service charge - for ongoing connection or the ability to connect to the wastewater distribution system.
  • A wastewater volumetric charge for non-residential properties as appropriate.
  • Trade waste quality charges for businesses as appropriate.

How can I pay my account?

A list of payment options will be sent out with your rates notice.

Can I get my water and wastewater account sent to a different address (other than my rates notice)?

No. Your water and wastewater account will go to the same address as it is included in your rates notice.

Can I elect how often I receive my water and wastewater account?

No. You will continue to receive your account on a quarterly basis included in your rates notice.

What happens if I can't pay my account?

Please contact Logan City Council as soon as possible to discuss payment options.

Who do I contact about my water and wastewater account?

Contact Logan City Council to discuss your account.