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Water Usage

If the water usage on your rate notice is higher than expected, we are happy to investigate but there are a number of things you should check first:

  • Number of days of water usage you are being charged for: The number of days varies however it is usually around 90-95 days. For some residents their rate notice may be in excess of 100 days. The timing of reads is subject to weather conditions and other constraints that occur during the reading period.
  • Seasonal variations: Traditionally, more water is used during the Spring/Summer months than during Autumn/Winter, due to increased activities such as watering the garden, topping up a swimming pool or having extra showers.
  • Change of occupancy at your property: Visitors, new tenants or an increase in the number of residents at your home can lead to higher water usage.
  • Leaks: Leaks in underground pipes or faulty plumbing and fixtures such as leaking toiles can go undetected for long period, with some leaks wasting more than 2000 litres per day. Reading your meter every 2 weeks will assist with the early detection of leaks.
  • Irrigation systems and tank top ups: If your irrigation system turns on automatically, you could be consuming thousands of litres of water each week without even knowing it. Similarly, some water tanks are topped up automatically from the town water supply, even when they're close to capacity. We encourage you to check these systems regularly to ensure they are operating correctly and your water tank is only topping up to 10 or 15%, leaving room for regular rainfall. 

Again, we recommend customers monitor their water meter regularly to ensure there are no surprises when they receive their rate notice.