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Understanding Your Account

Your water and wastewater account will appear on your Logan City Council rates notice.

A new charge line will appear on your rates notice: "Water and Wastewater Charges".

There will also be a separate Water and Wastewater Information sheet attached to your rates notice. This information sheet will list the water and wastewater (sewerage) services applicable for your property and provides further details about your water consumption.

The water consumption charge is then broken down into two further charge types:

  • Bulk water charges (set by State Government)
  • Distribution and retailer consumption charge (set by Council from 1st July 2012)

Your water and wastewater account may include a water service charge, wastewater (sewerage) charge and water consumption: 

  • The water service charge is charged in advance and is a set charge, independent of the volume of water used.
  • The wastewater (sewerage) service charge is charged in advance and is a set charge.
  • Water consumption is charged per kilolitre (1000 litres) and is based on your consumption over the previous quarter.