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Waterways & Wetlands

Our rivers

Logan has two iconic rivers: the Logan River and its little brother, the Albert River. Both have played critical roles in the history of not only our city, but in the lives of generations of locals who grew up playing on their banks.

Today this expanse of waterways throughout Logan City continues to play an important component of our natural environment, recreational spaces and contributes to the character of Logan City.

Unfortunately, many of Logan's waterways are not what they used to be. Development of the surrounding catchments for agriculture, housing, industry and transport and changes to the amount and quality of runoff from rainfall has reduced the capacity of our waterways to support the wide variety of wildlife that previously existed here.

To gain a better understanding of Logan's river and creek catchments visit the Logan City's Waterways & Catchments interactive map or download the following fact sheets:

The Logan and Albert Rivers have many fishing hotspots for keen anglers or those wanting to find a launching area for a lazy river paddle.  You can find your nearest river access park by downloading the Logan and Albert River Access poster.

Our wetlands

Logan City has many important and diverse wetlands, with over 200 of these located within our parks for you to visit.

These ecosystems are complex and highly productive habitats and provide key ecological and hydrological functions such as biodiversity conservation, flood mitigation, and water quality improvement. Wetlands are also important from a recreation, aesthetic and cultural heritage perspective.

The Explore Logan’s Wetlands Fact Sheet (PDF 579 KB) lists some of the important wetlands in Logan for you to visit and explore.ur commitment

Logan City Council is committed to the Logan's Waterway and wetland Recovery Plan which includes a number of initiatives for the protection and enhancement of Logan's waterways and wetlands.

If you would like to help our local rivers and wetlands keep an eye out for activities and programs on the get involved page.

For more information on Logan's waterways & wetlands please email