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Albert River Vision

The Albert River continues to provide ecological and hydrological functions like flood mitigation and water quality improvement. It also plays a role in servicing the City’s business, industry, aquaculture, recreation and tourism sectors.

Current Albert River Vision Projects

Belivah Creek

For more information about the restoration of Belivah Creek, please see:

Windaroo Creek

We aim to improve and increase the connectivity of endangered lowland subtropical rainforest along the Windaroo Creek Catchment.

Currently Windaroo Creek plays host to the Vulnerable Grey Headed Flying Fox and the Platypus.

In 2019 about 35,000m2 of degraded riparian habitat was restored by planting 6,200 native tube stock and removing weeds like:

  • Castor Oil
  • Pepper Tree
  • Coastal Morning Glory
  • Singapore Daisy

The project aims to improve habitat connectivity and water quality within the Albert River.

For more information about Windaroo Creek, please see Windaroo

Windaroo Creek before photo


The Eagleby wetlands are an important recreational park and environmental asset to our City. As the park has many natural areas it is a popular visitor destination.

The Eagleby Wetlands has been invaded by Para Grass. Para Grass has many negative impacts on the wetlands. It reduces the amount of native vegetation, habitat availability, water quality and impacts on the appearance of the area.

In 2019 about 4,500m2 of Para Grass was removed and replaced with over 1,500 native tube stock.

Rehabilitation of the Eagleby Wetlands is an opportunity to improve water quality in the Albert Catchment. It will also contribute to improved environmental outcomes downstream.

Eagleby after

For more information about Eagleby wetlands, please see:

Community Engagement

In 2017, over an 8 week period we received a large number of very positive comments about how the community would like to see the Albert River in 50 years.

The ideas received helped us form the Albert River Vision to promote the river as a key environmental, economic and social asset for the City of Logan.

We thank you for the stories, thoughts and ideas and for pushing the boundaries for what we can see on the Albert River over the coming years.