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Logan River Vision

The Logan River will continue to provide many benefits for residents and visitors.

It’s a place of spiritual significance and a natural resource for drinking, irrigation, leisure and recreational activities.  It is also a key wildlife corridor from the mountains to the bay.

In 2016 City of Logan residents told us what they want the Logan River to be like in 50 years' time. Residents submitted stories, activities and ideas of their vision for the river.

Current Logan River Vision Projects

Riverside Parks Rehabilitation

Planting along riverbanks improves bank stability, water quality and habitat connection.  It also helps to suppress weed growth and sediment run-off.

The Logan Riverside Parks Riparian Rehabilitation Project has removed significant environmental weeds like:

  • Castor Oil
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Creeping Cats Claw
  • Coastal Morning Glory

This has made way for the planting of over 14,500 native tube stock at the following key riverside parks:

  • Malling Park (Waterford)
  • Cochrane’s Bridge Park (Woodhill)
  • Newstead Park (Buccan)

River Trail

Flowing from the mountains to the bay, the waters of the Logan River are rich in history and varied in nature. The Logan River Trail has information signs along the river to help you find your way and discover its’ features.

Riverside parks are a great place to have a picnic, take a walk, play with your dog or host a family barbecue while you’re exploring the Logan River Trail.

Explore the Logan River Trail today.

Logan River Accessibility and Connectivity Concept Plan

The Logan River Vision identified opportunities to use the Logan River to promote tourism and improve economic potential.

A key outcome of our vision for the future of the river is the Logan River Accessibility and Connectivity Concept Plan.

This Plan aims to guide planning, investment and delivery of practical projects to achieve our vision.

The plan will identify:

  • the value of the river as an attraction
  • capturing visitor's interest in recreational activities
  • existing formal access points
  • park facilities at riverside parks
  • current use of access points and riverside park facilities.

Past Logan River Vision Projects

River Trees

The River Trees Program was developed to help improve the natural values of the Logan and Albert Rivers. Since the River Trees Program was established in 2017, 11830 native plants have been planted along the Logan and Albert Rivers.

The River Trees Program will expand in 2019/20 and provide private landholders on minor or major waterways in Logan with the opportunity to apply for River Trees to undertake revegetation of the waterways on their property and re-establish the riparian vegetation.

For more information and to see if you’re eligible, visit Voluntary Restoration Agreement.