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Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project

Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project is about reclaiming lost spaces, the quiet pool where people once swam, the bush land home of a child's first cubby house or a place to fish.

Imagine cycling along Slacks Creek from Springwood to Meadowbrook, spotting platypus in deep billabongs, enjoying an outdoor lunch overlooking wetlands or throwing the ball around in a shady, creek-side park.

Catchment overview

Slacks Creek flows through the heart of Logan City. It's not the Logan River's biggest tributary but it links some of the city's busiest suburbs to the river. It's the creek you see when you visit IKEA or drive over Compton Road. Slacks Creek has lost much of its naturalness over time as homes, shops and factories have sprung up on surrounding lands and development has reshaped the little streams that feed its waters.

Today Slacks Creek struggles with pollution and erosion as more and more unfiltered storm water gushes in from urban areas after rain. Yet the catchment still supports large wildlife habitat areas and pockets of healthy bush land.

Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project

Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project is a long-term project to rejuvenate the Slacks Creek Catchment area and is a response to community concerns raised at the Logan Waterways Summit of 2011 and was developed from the Slacks Creek Catchment Futures Study-Vision and Initiative Report. It is also a part of Council's broader Logan Rivers and Wetlands Recovery Program.Slacks Creeks Futures Objective

Our vision sees "Slacks Creek will be a vibrant, green corridor bringing people and nature together; inspiring healthy living and creativity."

The project's collaborative approach to urban creek renewal has led to increased Council buy-in, attracted considerable State and Australian Government funding, generated widespread community support, and put Logan "on the map" when it comes to catchment recovery.

Since its launch in 2013 the project has been revitalising the catchment through community led initiatives, recreational activities and environmental enhancement at several priority locations throughout the catchment.

Current activities

  • Arlington Park waterway enhancement project
  • Community walks
  • Griffith University community tree planting
  • Moss Street to Compton Road Stormwater Disconnection
  • Riverdale Park community tree planting
  • Rubbish clean up's both by the community and targeted large rubbish removal
  • Timothy Park and Reserve Park Stream Rehabilitation
  • Shailer Pioneer Park Wetland (PDF 737 KB)

For more information on Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project please email

Healthy Waterways award finalist and winnerHealthy Waterways 2014 Finalist Emblem

Logan City Council's Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project has taken out top honours at the 2014 Healthy Waterways Awards, receiving the Government Award for the Slacks Creek Recovery Project and finalist in the Urban Renewal Award category.

Australian Government funding

Logan City Council has a long term commitment to rejuvenate the Slacks Creek Catchment area through the Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project. Over the next five years (2013-2018) this will be supported by the Australian GovernmentAustralian Government who will be funding the restoration of a significant portion of the creek through the Slacks Creek Restoration Project.

The restoration of Slacks Creek will reinstate native vegetation to improve waterway health, ecosystem resilience and biodiversity with direct benefits to the local community, local environment and the health and connectivity to the Logan River and the Ramsar listed Moreton Bay.

This project will be managed by Council and supported by a number of partners. The major project partners are:

the Water & Carbon Group CSIRO Griffith University Logan City Golf Club

To be involved, or for more information, please contact Council at or call 3412 4779.