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Report Wildlife Sightings

Council would appreciate any sightings (or evidence) of threatened or locally significant wildlife you may have encountered in Logan, by submitting the following sighting details. You may also provide records of any deceased animals, such as roadkill animals, as this information is also important.

Please note if you are submitting a sighting for a deceased animal and would like Council to collect the deceased animal please contact Council on 3412 3412. If you are submitting a sighting of an injured or sick animal please also immediately call the RSPCA Logan Wildlife Ambulance on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 265).

Privacy collection notice

Logan City Council is collecting your contact details and sighting information to develop a biodiversity database of threatened or locally significant wildlife in Logan. If necessary, Council may contact you to follow up on the sighting information provided. Your contact information will only be accessed by employees and/or councillors of Logan City Council. Your contact information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission or we are required by law.

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Contact information
Location of sighting
Please provide the closest address to where the sighting occurred
Please provide the landmark where the sighting occurred (e.g. intersection, roundabout, backyard, front yard, near house, etc.)
(e.g. in a tree; flying; dead on road verge)
Species sighted
If the species sighted is not listed please specify in the 'Other Species' field below
You are able to provide sightings of deceased animals (e.g. roadkill; native animals that have been killed by foxes) as this is still important information.
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What were the animals doing? If the activity is not listed please specify in the 'other' field below
If the identification method you used is not listed please specify in the 'Identity Other' field below
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Additional information
Frequency of sighting?
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(e.g. what was the animal doing? Was the animal feeding? Were any babies present?)
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By uploading images or content to the Logan City Council website, I give full consent for Logan City Council to use my images in any or all promotional and marketing campaigns and any other printed and or audio-visual or website material relating to Logan City Council. Personal details will not be published.